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How To Look All Voguish Even While It's Raining Cats And Dogs

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Oh No.! It is raining again. Now how am I to go out? This is a situation that all the girls face, every time during the rainy season. However, we do not want to look all shabby after going out in rains and wish to keep our style as it is until the end of the day. We can surely do so if we follow some simple tips during the rainy season to look all voguish even when it's showering heavy outside.
Here Are A Few Tips That You Can Follow Throughout The Rainy Season:

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Say No To Your Pair Of Jeans:
Do not wear a jean while it is raining outside as it will only drench you more and will not dry unless it is a bright sunny day outside. 

floral cotton pant monsoon fashion

Instead, you can try the crop pants or the capris and shorts to look stylish. They will be comfortable and can be worn easily during the heavy rains. You can buy the fashion apparels at a very inexpensive and discounted price from the online stores such as American Swan and enjoy the nature's showers like you did in your childhood.
Show Your Love For Colors: 
Rainy season is a threat to all whites and the light colored clothes. 

colorful outfits for monsoon

Instead, you can try wearing some bright shades and step out flaunting your taste of fashion. You can try the lemon yellow, shades of green, pink or blue. Try being a flower girl rather than a plain jane. I am sure you will love the monsoons even more with those flower prints on you.
Go All Matte: 
Try using the matte look and waterproof makeup to look beautiful all day long. I am sure you don't want the rain to wash away your costly compact or the liners while you end up looking messy. The waterproof makeup will give you a perfect look and will not get washed away quickly. Go for a light makeup instead of heavy and you will be the centre of attraction wherever you go.
Bring Out Your Flip Flops And Sneakers: 
You will cry to lose one of your favourite pair of sandals as it can get damaged in rains. 

monsoon footwear

It will be better if you wear your flip flops for the rainy season and protect your favourite pairs from getting damaged. You can go for sneakers or the shoes if you want to protect your feet from getting dirty in the mud water. Don't go for the sneakers with materials which are water resistant instead buy the waterproof sneakers to enjoy walking in the rains
Prioritize The Cottons In Your Closet: 
Add the cotton fabric to your wardrobe this rainy season to look fashionable and stay away from getting drenched in the rain. 

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The synthetics will only make you look as if you are coming out of a swimming pool. Meanwhile, the cotton would dry up faster even if you get drenched in the rains. Go for some cool cotton dresses, shirts with cropped chinos, cotton kurtis and other cotton wears to style in the rains.
So girls, are you all set now to step out in the rains and enjoy?
Guest Post by Sheetal Krishna
Author's Bio:

Sheetal is a Blogger at happycheckout.in an aesthete, a mall-rat and an amateur photographer. Strangely she loves both books and movies and is a night owl. A wanderlust, chocoholic and a modern day woman who is all set to reach heights in her career goals.

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