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Garnier Neem + Tulsi Pure Active High Foaming Face Wash Review

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This year summer has been terrible. The heat and sweat is still not gone. Even though there have been few rains, the feeling of heat is still there.

Skin suddenly turns oily and sweaty all over during summer. This makes sure that we all pick many skin care product that will fight acnes, pimples, summer boils, rashes, infections, and lot of other problems.

Garnier Pure Active High Foaming Face Wash is a product that fights all skin problems. 

Garnier Pure Active High Foaming Face Wash

How to use: As the name suggests it is high foaming. High Foaming is literally very heavy lathering in this case. If you take a tiny bit of the face wash also, it gives a lot of foam. So, use carefully.

Wet your face and hands; rub a small drop of the face wash in your hands, which will give you loads of lather good enough to wash the face and neck well.

Washing it is easy with water splashes. Since it foams heavily, more water is needed than usual to wash it away.

Package: The see through plastic bottle with green pack is leakage free and can be carried wherever you go. The cap has a flip flap with a small hole for the face wash to drop out.

Garnier High Foaming Face Wash Review

Fragrance: Fragrance is that usual kinds, which normally any face wash comes with. It is pleasant and feels fresh after using. The scent is not overpowering, it lingers on for few minutes which fades away in a while.

How it works: Cleansing power is excellent. It removes every trace of extra oil from the skin. But it also leaves the skin a little dry. Normal to dry skin people will find this harsh on the skin. But oily acne prone skin will find this face wash highly beneficial.

Key Ingredients: Neem and Tulsi included in this face wash will help in fighting acnes and pimples which is normally found in oily skin.

Garnier Neem Tulsi High Foaming Face Wash

I have used this face wash extensively during summer. It has helped my face be acne free.

Following with the moisturizer suitable for your skin is a must after using this face wash. Use a light weight moisturizer for oily skin and the rest can use regular/heavy moisturizer suitable accordingly.

Price: Rs.105 for 100 g

Rating: 4/5

Garnier High Foaming Face Wash for oily skin

Recommendation:  Highly recommended for oily skin to fight acnes and pimples. It is useful during summer season as the weather makes the skin oily and sweaty.

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