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In Pics - Street Vendors of Chamundi Hills

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Chamundi Hills mark a very important landmark in the city of palaces, Mysore in Karnataka. All who visit Mysore are highly suggested to visit the spot not just for Devi Chamundeshwari’s blessings, but also to feel the real beauty of Mysore.

Visiting the abode of Goddess Chamundi shows you how she holds the entire city in her lap.

The few miles of streets on the hill around the temple is a place of street activities. The colourful life that you get to see makes you get soaked up in the real color for a long time.

Street vendors chamundi hills 1

Street vendors chamundi hills 2

Street vendors chamundi hills 3

Street vendors chamundi hills 4

Street vendors chamundi hills 5

Street vendors chamundi hills 6

Street stalls chamundi hills mysore 7

Street vendors chamundi hills mysore 9

Street vendors chamundi hills mysore 8

Street vendors chamundi hills mysore 10

Street vendors chamundi hills mysore 11

Chamundi Hills is not just the visit to the Demon Mahishasura and his slainer Goddess Chamundi. 

The place also shows the tradition, culture, food, art, talent, tourists amidst devotees, and a lot more than you can actually see and capture.

These pictures shows what do you get to see while you are walking to and fro the streets outside Chamundi temple.

flower stall near temple mysore

local flower stall in indian temple

Coconut and flower offerings to the deity and seeking blessings, this is a common practice while one visits any temple in India.

street vendors of india

devotees visiting chamundi temple mysore

mysore mallige saree clad south indian woman

The common and local flower garland worn on the hair is Mysore Mallige (Jasmine). It smells heavenly.

icecream stall at chamundi hill mysore india

street food stalls of mysore india

The spiced up pineapple cubes and other fruits are a must try. The large tender coconut are a must try too to know their sweetness.

sunset view from chamundi hill mysore

You should witness at least one from the top of the hill - a sunrise or a sunset. 

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