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Mango & Jackfruit Fest 2016 in Mysuru – Karnataka Mangoes

Mango, one of the most exotic fruits is worth the title ‘The King of Fruits’. Coming from tropical parts of the world, India produces its share of huge varieties of mangoes every season.

Down in south, Karnataka has a prominent place in producing mango too. Mysore, Ramanagara (where the famous movie Sholya has been shot) are one of the largest mango producing districts of the state.

Mavu Halasu Mela Mysuru5

The state government has been organizing Mango & Jackfruit Fest for the past few years. 2016 too saw a grand fest that pulled crowd coming to buy organic and naturally ripened mangoes.

Mango Jackfruit Fest 2016 Mysore2

Several stalls with wide varieties of mangoes are displayed. Along with the mango stalls, there were a few number of jack fruit stalls. 

Mango Jackfruit Fest 2016 Mysore

Badami - Mango Mela Mysore 2016

Mavu Halasu Mela Mysuru1

Mavu Halasu Mela Mysuru2

Mavu Halasu Mela Mysuru3

Totapuri - Mavu Halasu Mela Mysuru

A stall of students selling mango products - natural mango pulp juice, mango halwa, mango pickle; attracted everyone who visited the fest.

Natural Organic Mango Fruit Pulp

Mango Jackfruit Mela 2016 Mysuru


The mela brought together all those who love mangoes and want to buy in abundance with the farmers who grow them in all variety. The stalls here at the fest are the outlets showing the mango stocks that directly arrive from the farm.

Mango Jackfruit Fest 2016 Mysore4

Alphonso Mango fruit boxes

Alphonso Mango fruit box
 Rs. 250, a box

The main agenda of Mysore Mavu & Halasu (Mango & Jackfruit )Mela are

  • Carbide-free and plastic-free mela (fest)
  • Fruits for sale that are naturally ripened
  • Face-to-face meet of farmers with consumers.

Farmers selling mangoes in mysore

You buy or not, but the visual treat one gets by simply walking around the stalls is amazing. Worth enjoying watching every person inspecting, sniffing, picking, weighing, paying and taking away every type of mango.

Mango Jackfruit Fest 2016 Mysore5

Taste the mango and buy
 Taste before you buy

 100 Rs for 4 kg 

Mango Jackfruit Fest 2016 Mysore3

To name a few varieties of mangoes are - Malgoba, Sindhuri, Rasapuri, Totapuri, Badami, Mallika, Dasheri and many more.

Mavu Halasu Mela Mysuru4

All smell and taste heavenly.

The venue of Mango & Jackfruit Mela 2016 is usually at Curzon Park, Mysore, held from 27th-29th May 2016

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