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6 Healthy & Natural Indian Summer Drinks You Should Try

Summers make you crave more of liquid food avoiding spicy and heavy meals. Even though none other than “water” can refill our thirst there some natural drinks favoured and considered healthy for the hot season.

Here are some natural and homemade Indian summer drinks.

Kokum Drink: 

Garcinia indica, commonly known as kokum or punarpuli in kannada is berry like sour fruit widely found in coastal parts of Karnataka. These fruits are either boiled and cooked into rasams along with the staple or stored as concentrated kokum extracts in stores. Sweet tangy kokum juice is most commonly prepared from their syrup during the hot summers to quench thirst. 

They are the best cooling agent, hydrate body and improve digestion and gastric trouble.

Tender Coconut Water: 

Health and Beauty Benefits from Tender Coconut Water

You can find the increase in price and scarcity of tender coconut water during summers. It is because tender coconut water is the best hydrating agent during hot seasons. You are most lucky if fresh tender water is handy to you at this climate.

Lemon Juice

Homemade lemon juice without any added preservatives and chemicals famous as nimbu pani in India is also sold in streets during summers.


Churned buttermilk is one more cooling drink for the drying season. They are usually gulped in all seasons for its health benefits and most loved in summers. Churned buttermilk stored in an earthen pot blended with spices (ginger and green chilly) , garnished with coriander leaves and flavoured with few drops of lemon is simply heaven. 

Along with the cold drink it is the best low calorie drink, improves digestion and calms down acidity and reduces blood pressure.


what is yogurt

Lassi either salty or sweet made from thick yogurt most famous in North India. This flavoured variation of yogurt is very energetic and cools down body temperature.

Fruit drinks: 

Essential foods while Pregnant

Fruits too appear dry during the hot climate. Make a squash or shake of any fruits available in summer like mango, oranges, watermelon, sweet lime and many more. Fruit juices are healthy and hydrating at the hot season.

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