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Sago Fryums/ Sabakki Sandige Recipe

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Do not complaint about hot sun instead think about what is worth from this hot sun.  The great Indian snack fryums and papad are prepared in this hot climate. Colourful crispy fryums are the favourite snack time or crunched in between meals.

Sago fryums/ Sabakki sandige Recipe

This high temperature tempted me to try out the famous and easy sago fryums or sabakki sandige. Read on the easy recipe.


One cup sago/ sabakki
6 cups water
Bunch of green chillies
Salt per taste


Soak one cup sago/sabakki in 6 cups of water overnight. Remember the sabakki and water ratio should be 1:6.

Next morning blend green chillies as per your spice requirement and add them to the soaked sago/sabakki water mixture. Add pinch of asafoetida and salt.

Stir them well. Pressure cook the mixture for two whistles at low flame. If you find the bubbles uncooked, cook them again for 5 more minutes.

The cooked mixture thickens while cooling down. Meanwhile take a clean plastic sheet for spreading the cooked fryum mixture.

Sago fryums/ Sabakki sandige Recipe

Pour them spoonful in a spoon leaving a minimum gap between the two. Keep them under sun light for dehydrating. Continue drying under sun for about 4 to 5 days till all the fryums get peeled out from the sheet and completely dries off.

Sago fryums/ Sabakki sandige Recipe

Store them in an air tight container. Deep fry the fryums as when necessary in low flame. Crispy fryums can be eaten alone or may be combined with rasam rice or sambar rice.

Sago fryums/ Sabakki sandige Recipe

Sago fryums/ Sabakki sandige Recipe

Remember: Every fryum should be dried completely without any traces of water as it might can fungus when stored.

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