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Udupi Special Neeru Dose Recipe – Neer Dose with Mango Rasayana

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Every place has its own authentic taste and traditional cuisines. Udupi is a coastal region which has its own variety of delicacies.

The taste typically includes the aroma of coconut, sourness of tamarind, sweetness of jaggery, hot red chillis and many other items. And seasonal flavours of jack fruit, mango, and many other ingredients.

neer dose rasayana

Today we shall taste the special recipe of Udupi – Neeru Dose (Neeru is water, Dose is dosa/pancake). The batter of this dosa/pancake is of water consistency, hence the name. Some also call it as paper dosa, since the prepared dosa is as thin as a paper.

Ingredients for preparing neer dose

2 cups of dosa rice (thick rice)
1/4th cup grated coconut
Salt as per taste.
Water for blending rice and coconut.
2 spoon coconut oil (or any cooking oil) for greasing the dosa pan.

How to prepare neer dosa (or paper dosa)

Soak dosa rice in warm water and leave it overnight.

Next morning wash the rice thoroughly and add it to the blending jar. Also add little freshly grated coconut. Add water and blend until you arrive at a smooth pap like structure. 

neer dose udupi recipe

Add more water and adjust the consistency. The batter should be really thin like water. You should be able to pour the batter easily on the pan.

Now, add table salt accordingly. Add little by little and adjust.

An iron dosa pan is preferred for preparing dosa. Grease the dosa pan with a thin layer of oil and heat the pan.

Once the pan is sufficiently hot, pour the batter you just prepared little by little covering the entire pan.

how to prepare neer dose

Close the dosa pan with a lid and allow for 2 minutes under medium flame.

You will be able to lift up the dosa with a flat spatula. 

udupi special neer dose recipe

Grease the pan with oil everytime before you pour dosa batter.

Serve hot neer dosa with any of the following sides -
  • chutney and sambar,
  • mango rasyana (recipe here)
  • banana rasayana (recipe here)
  • hog plum menaskai (recipe here)
  • mixture of coconut grates, ghee and sticky jaggery
  • chutney power with coconut oil or yogurt,
  • mixture of butter, pickle and jaggery

udupi special neer dose with kukku rasayana

All these sides are speciality of Udupi traditional taste.

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