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Diwali Celebrations (2017) - Special Moments

It is almost a fortnight that the festival of lights – Diwali, is gone. I am still staring at the few new things I bought during the festive offers.

The bang of happiness and excitement was loud and widespread for me and my family.

It has been a tradition here at Happiest Ladies space of sharing few glimpses of special moments and things of Diwali. Though late, did not want to break the tradition.

As usual sweets, crackers, silk, gold, puja, flowers, rangoli, guests, the celebrations does not change for millions of people.

Lakshmi  Pendant Pearl Long Necklace

We women have a thing for gold. For me, the festive occasion is just another excuse to buy gold and extend my personal collection of gold jewelries.

gold lakshmi pendant abharan jewelers

Temple jewelleries with intricately designed divine figures are the trend. For me, any piece that has something to do with Goddess Lakshmi is a strong YES!

This time picked a rich long necklace with multiple (12) strands of tiny pearls chain highlighting the heavy goddess Lakshmi pendant from Abharan Jewellers. It totally looks antique and luxurious.

Silk and Bangles

Silk has all the speciality to look make you look stunning. So I thought, why not stun everybody adorning myself in a new shiny silk saree.

south silk saree

The set of 4 bangles in a bright maroon hue I bought from a local street vendor got me into its trap.
I couldn’t resist buying more sets. Kept returning to the stall and bought again and again.

Gulab Jamoon

The classic sweet recipe that never gets bored for all Indians is the recipe of Gulab Jamoon.


The new traditional recipe, Banana Guliappa, I learnt this year from my elders. 

It is yummy, and is likely to become an easy breakfast recipe during normal school/office/week days.


I have friends who take great interest on decorating diyas over colourful rangoli designs.

Oil lamps to brighten the darkest night of the year

Wishing everybody a very happy new year ahead. 

fruits and flowers for diwali puja

This festival brings in the New Year and sets everything to afresh according to Hindu calendar.

Visiting Mysore during Diwali

Though visit to Mysore is special during Dasara festival; the festival of lights - Deepawali is also a good time to visit Mysore.

The Dasara Exhibition ground is still bustling with temporary stores and stalls and of course crazy people set out to bargain before buying. It is all colourful.

dasara exhibition ground mysore

bangles street stall

Wishing again everyone a very bright and happy new year.

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