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Moha Nail Care Cream Charak Pharma Review, Price, Photos

Our hands are the most abused part of our body. We do everything with our hands from the first thing in the morning until we doze off at the end of the day.

Ask yourself, am I taking enough care of my hands after using so extensively throughout the day. There can never be enough hand care done, because we never stop to toil every other day.

If you cannot find good time to give a massage to your palm and fingers, then you should mandatorily spend just 2 minutes before bed time.

All you need to do is take a dollop of your favourite hand moisturizer and slather over your hands rubbing in-between the fingers and on the nails. Massage until all of the cream is absorbed.

moha nail care cream review

You will be surprised by the amount of product your skin drinks up.

For now, best and favourite hand/nail care product in India is Moha Nail Care Cream from Charak Pharma.

Price: Rs.148 for 100 g

The tube kind of package is bulky and there is lot of product in it. It will last for a long time; easily for at-least a year provided you use it only for hands and nails once before bed.

best moisturizing nail cream india

It is a little creamy off-white in colour with thick texture. It is a heavy moisturizer, fit for cold winter. 

The chillness and dryness this cold season brings along quickly shows its effects on hands making skin parched, itchy and nails brittle. Moha Nail Cream handles all these winter skin and nail problems giving a glossy look by restoring hydration.

The cream is efficient since it has abundant of Vitamin E oil in its composition.

Though the pack seems heavy to carry in your bag, you would definitely want to take it along for your winter holiday.

moha nail cream charak pharma

The scent is purely herbal and there is no real big deal about it to appreciate loads.

Recommendation: According to my experience, opinion and reviewing abilities, I highly suggest this nail care which not only hydrates nails, it also doubles up as a hand cream locking the moisture and making hands supple.

Rating: 4.5/5

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