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Be Breast Aware - Rising Rate of Breast Cancer in India

The very term ‘cancer’ can give you a deadly feeling. The rushing thought directly show you death and makes you sink deep within and the struggle with the treatments seems inevitable.

As it is accepted, breast cancer is a global disease. The trend currently is that more and more young women are being diagnosed with breast cancer.  The numbers of patients are increasingly from the age group of 25 to 40, which is dangerously disturbing.

breast aware breast cancer india

In India, most common female cancer is breast cancer. Breast cancer cases and treatments of chemo therapy in Mumbai are recorded as highest. Other cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata are not left far behind.

Breast Cancer essentially does not mean death. The main issue here is lack of awareness. In India, most cancer cases are presented to doctors during the advanced 3rd or 4th stages. The survival rate and outcome of the treatments are not too good at the advanced cancer stages.

Firstly, all women should overcome the embarrassment to talk about their breasts. Embarrassment is a dangerous barrier and can cost one’s life heavily if not acted timely.

Having hands on knowledge of the basic information about breast cancer screening, detection and treatments is like 50% of the cancer battle won.

Though there is rise in breast cancer cases globally, the death rates have steadily declined, thanks to medical science and public health authorities.

The detection technique through mammography and various levels of treatments involved are well advanced in many hospitals. Breast Cancer treatment of chemotherapy in Bangalore and other metros and major cities’ hospitals have round the clock service to help patients survive the fatal disease and cope with the obvious side effects.

Undergoing cancer treatments make the patient pass through a huge emotional turmoil. It is true for both who needs care and the care giver too. Discuss with your doctor the plan of action needed, talk to people who have courageously battled breast cancer, share your emotional ups and downs to hear encouraging words from your family/friends, if need be compare doctors online and also the kind of treatments involved.

Finally, spread awareness and offer hugs.

It is everybody’s duty to spread awareness about breast cancer. Shed all the embarrassment and bring up the topic of your breast, how it should look, what changes are normal, what is abnormal to your breast, and also undergo screening at regular intervals.

We just did a small bit by bringing up the topic and reminding you about the risks and high chance of breast cancer in today’s time.

Let us all be breast aware and seek expert advice before it is too late.

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