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How To Bath a Baby? Indian style : Steps and Video

Bathing an infant is quite daunting for new mom’s. Making the infant comfortable by safety arrangements and planned bathing supplies should be followed. Baby wash time is the perfect period for the two’s bonding. A little of practice , joyful shower and baby’s safety is all that has to be considered.

How To Bath a Baby: Indian Traditional Style Video

Here are few baby bathing tips.

Strictly no “HURRY”. Hurry brings your child under risk , let your child enjoy the hot shower to the fullest. 
The bathing materials should be arranged to your hand reach in advance.
Check the temperature of water, it should neither be too hot nor cold.
Dry wrap the baby immediately once done.

How to Bath a Baby? 

There are different ways of bathing an infant. Some adopt the sponge bath and some use the bath tub, but the Indian traditional way is totally different and tricky. I have adopted the traditional way of baby oil massage and baby bath inherited from by mothers feeling it safe and enjoyed by infants.

Indian Traditional Baby Bath: Steps 1- 10 

Step 1: Arrange two flat stools/seat in the wash room. Keep set of baby massage oil, mild baby soap and dry towel.

Step 2: Get dressed in appropriate dress. You will be completely wet at the end, also let there not be any hard buttons or zips so that they don’t harm the baby.

Step 3: Arrange for hot water in a comfortable bucket and mug to make you easy for pouring.

Step 4: Sit and lean your legs on the flat stools arranged. Make your baby rest in the horizontal position on your stretched legs.

Step 5: apply baby massage oil to body and hair and give some mild baby exercise strokes.

Step 6: check out the water temperature and wet the baby. Apply baby soap all over body, neck, face, hands and legs wash gently to remove sweat and dirt. Rinse out the soap thoroughly and carefully avoid eye contact.

Step 7: Do not pour water into openings like nostrils, mouth, eyes and ears. Your baby makes all effort to drink water which must be minded. 

Step 8: Turn around the baby carefully for hair wash. Hold the head tight while wetting the baby’s head. Here again you baby is smart enough to raise her head and make a complete mess.

Step 9: Apply mild baby shampoo and rinse well. Check out for no soap and shampoo remains before you end the process.

Step 10: Wrap and dry the baby gently and smoothly.

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