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Unusual Festive Season Gifts for Him

Festive season is like an infinite loop. The special occasion never ends. If you have missed to gift him on Diwali, there is Christmas. Then you have New Year.You can get hold of the discounts and offers that stores put up during festivities. Christmas and New Year are soon approaching, so get ready with your bucket of list.

While it is still an excuse to shop and buy apparels, accessories and makeup for you, why not surprise him too by shopping a gift for him.

Shhhhhh.. Keep it a secret.

Here are few ideas for you to choose from.

mens bracelet luxury watch gifts

Expressive jewelleries and collectibles  have been the best ever option to gift men.

Silver and gold jewellery online purchase is a common practice these days as you get to select the best pieces from the comfort of your couch at home.

Bracelets in silver team well with casual looks in men. The important factor is the design that makes everything look masculine.

Men’s two tone bracelets come in beautiful contemporary designs and the range is wide too. Silver with leather is the latest trend and the element allows excellent handmade style to be designed. Most men appreciate the combination.

Pocket Watches

Designer watches with metallic silver finish or finest leather straps have taken attention for long when it comes to style in men. To make the watch gift unusual and surprising, pick a classic pocket watch with case that exhibits the excellent craftsmanship.

pocket watches christmas gifts for men

Luxury Figurines/Collectibles

Men have a thing for heavy luxurious figurine models. Their bikes, the wild monstrous roaring lion, speeding horse, a sports man or a warrior in action, divine figurines, such collectibles are fascinating.

figurine luxury gifts

Figurine gifts are available in different metals. Such gifts are popularly madein brass and silver.

Mensbracelets silver, pendants in gold or platinum, accessories in leather or alloys, cufflinks, designer watches, figurines; which one might be his choice? The design, metal (solid single metal or dual tone), what he wears and carries actually reflects his personality.

The possibilities are endless. So, what you choose for him depends on what you know all about him.

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