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Baby Food Recipes – Vegetable and Fruit Purees (6 to 8 months)

Starting first solid bites?  You need not crack down your head worrying about what and how to feed? Make it an easy new start by following some recipes. Baby food recipes include everything we use in our routine. It is just a matter of hygiene, freshness and pureeing.

Baby Food Recipes

Here are few rewarding healthy baby food recipes.

Apple Dates Puree

Peel half apple and chop them into small pieces and de seed the dates (1 or 2 depending on the size). Small them together in a blender forming a puree. Add water / milk for blending if required.

Carrot Puree

This one is most delicious and loved by babies. Boil a small sized carrot till it softens. Smash them to form a smooth thick puree.

Vegetable Puree

Boil a bowl of mixed vegetable chunks (carrots, beans, potato, peas). Blend them to paste , see through there are no hard vegetable remained. You can add jaggery as a sweeting agent.

Banana Puree

Bananas are the best first bites and great energetic staple for babies. Fibrous sweet bananas can either be mashed by spoon or blended using milk/water at the beginning.

Sweet potato 

The delicious tuber is a powerhouse for the baby’s growth. Clean and boil sweet potatoes to soft. Peel the skin and scoop the sweet flesh of the tuber. Blend the boiled portion using water/milk to thinner the consistency so that it makes your baby swallow easily.


Clean wash the vegetable and half it. Boil it in a pressure cooker and peel off the skin while cooled down. Mash them to smooth , or you can add water to thinner the consistency. You can even give the chunks as finger foods. The soft sugary beetroot chunks appearing bright makes your baby excited.

Avocado Smash

How can you miss avocados? The yummy creamy rich nutrient for babies. Smash the creamy avocados which is loved by babies. You can even cube them and provide as a finger food for babies.

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