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How To Introduce Solid Foods For Your Baby?

There are lot to know and ponder on the first non-liquid diet of your baby. When What and How to start solids?

How To Introduce Solids To Your Baby?

Which is the Right Time to Start Solid Food?

According to Pediatricians 6months is the right age to start solid food, till then babies are breast fed/ formula feeding. But as every child is different some baby’s show developmental stages and can be introduced at 4th month with a suggestion from your doctor. 
These are the signs that your baby says “OK” for solid food.
sitting upright
holding head and neck up
synchronized movement of mouth and tongue 
inserting fingers or fists into mouth 
showing interest in the food that you eat

Baby Food Allergies:

Be aware of baby food allergies. Depending upon the child’s immune growth some allergies are mild, some persist for a longer time or may even have life risks.

Some most common allergies are

Cow’s milk


Babies experience rashes, itching, diarrhea, vomiting, cough or difficulty in breathing when introduced to new food.

How to Recognize Food Allergy?

Introduce one new food at a time and stick to it for 3 to 4 days. Any allergies will be shown now. This will make you easier to identify which food is allergic to your child. Also at the beginning use just one food ingredient so that you can highlight the allergic food.

How To Treat Food Allergy?

A strict “full stop” for the allergic food is the best treatment. Give a gap of minimum 6 months or more as directed by your doctor to start again. 

Things to Remember While Starting Solid Food

Do not force to eat all the food portion. At the beginning your baby may gulp just 2 to 3 spoons.
Watch the baby’s behavior after introducing every new food.
Your baby insists to drink more of water once they are introduced to solids.
Continue breast feeding alternatively 
Once your baby is habitual to solids, introduce a variety of food squashes according to their taste buds. Like and dislike is your baby’s choice.

Hope the article is useful for new mothers.

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