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Beautiful Floral Rangoli Designs for Deepawali

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Rangoli is a part of Indian tradition. Come festivals, then begins the cleaning and decoration of every corner of the house. It all begins at the front door of the house. The rangoli, toran, decorative designs on the door and oil diyas; everything marks the welcoming of joy and happiness into the house.

Deepawali – the festival of lights is one festival that is celebrated to mark the great victory over evil is the biggest, brightest and the most important festival of India.

With the preparations getting in full gear, we have here few floral rangoli patterns you can pick to decorate at your door step this Deepawali.

floral rangoli for deepawali

Arrange flowers in your favourite circular pattern and place oil lamps in between the gap of the rangoli.

diwali flower rangoli design

flower and diya diwali decoration

Oil lamps/diyas on the flowers of the rangoli is also a good idea. The colourful flowers will look bright when diyas are burnt very close to it.

flower rangoli for deepawali

A simple circular arrangement of different colors of flowers looks great when guests enter your home for wishing you during the festive days.

beautiful deepawali rangoli

A bright colored rangoli with its design filled with floral petals is a common way to decorate the rangoli. Place a small oil lamp near the borders with more heaps of floral petals surrounding the lamp.

rangoli ideas for diwali

A kalash along with coconut and mango leaves is a beautiful traditional decoration.

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