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5 Natural Alternatives for Tooth Paste

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We all love healthy white teeth and maintain a routine of brushing teeth before and after bedtime with colourful gel based fragrant tooth pastes. Tooth pastes are the easily available oral hygiene products claiming to clean dental plaque and food remains in teeth surfaces. But still we have a regular visit to dentists. Toothpastes are just chemicals and does nothing much on your teeth and gum strengthen also hazardous to health if swallowed.  

We have natural dental care herbs which were used as alternatives for toothpastes by our ancestors.  Even today in India people in small towns practise them for oral care. These are miracles on our teeth and gums making your forget dentists throughout life time.

Mango Leaves:

5 Natural Alternatives for Tooth Paste

We are all aware of health and beauty benefits of the juicy mango fruit, the same is from its leaves. Mango leaves hordes medicinal properties helpful for good health among one which is the dental care. The compound mangiferin which has antibacterial agents inhibits the growth of bacteria aiding tooth decay.

In south of India mango leaves was commonly used as tooth brush until the birth of tooth paste. Even today in some villages we find the same practice. There are people without a single teeth fall at their old age as they have used these leaves from childhood for teeth cleansing Wash and clean mango leaf and tear open the mid rib. Hold the leaf with your fingers and gently rub all your teeth. It not just cleanses your teeth but also sharpens them which you will never experience from the modern tooth paste. The herbal fragrance makes your oral breath fresh and removes the bad odour. 

Now the mid rib of the mango leaf is an excellent tongue cleaner.

5 Natural Alternatives for Tooth Paste

You can also burn the mango leaf and collect its powder which can be stored as tooth powder.

Clove and Cinnamon:

5 Natural Alternatives for Tooth Paste

Make a fine powder of the two spices and store as a tooth powder in an air tight jar. Place a spoonful of powder on your tooth brush and brush as usual. This is an excellent teeth cleansing technique making you forget tooth aches. Cloves contain eugenol that makes it anaesthetic and antiseptic helping to relieve pain and wiping the germ causing tooth decay. Both the spices are antibacterial and antiviral agents numbing the gums and teeth and an traditional dental care product.

At severe tooth ache, dip a cotton ball into clove oil/cinnamon oil and press against cavity. It relieves pain instantly making them numb.

Coconut oil: 

5 Natural Alternatives for Tooth Paste

The anti bacterial properties of coconut oil are responsible in inhibiting the growth of bacteria Streptococcus mutans which contributes to human oral cavity and tooth decay.
Add a spoon full of coconut oil to your tooth brush and brush as usual.  You can even mix coconut oil and sea salt. Brush mildly as salt might cause abrasion.

Sea salt:

5 Natural Alternatives for Tooth Paste

Sea salt is one more nature product which can be a replacement for toothpaste. Sea salt is rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, iodine, silicon, potassium and many saline benefits which help in strengthening teeth and gums. Salt whitens teeth by removing tartar and bleaching the teeth enamel.  

Also during tooth ache, a mouth wash with strong salt solution relieves pain as salt acts as analgesic.
Brushing teeth with salt also prevents the bad breath. If you are worried of abrasion then make a salt solution and dip your tooth brush into it.

Banana Peel:

5 Natural Alternatives for Tooth Paste

Bananas are the all season growing and highly nutrient fruit. Unaware of the banana peels importance, we usually throw them to waste. The peel is rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium and manganese making your teeth bright in few weeks.

Rub your teeth with the inside portion of the peel for about 5 minutes. The minerals get absorbed by the teeth and gums making them strong and healthy. Make sure you have rubbed all your teeth thoroughly and leave it on your teeth for 10 minutes. Wash your mouth with warm water. You will find the teeth whitening up gradually.

The banana peel remedy is more preferred as they are not abrasive.

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