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Mannequin’s Vitamin E Skin Oil Review

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Vitamin E is one stop remedy for all skin problems. It is included in many beauty products.

It is a complete skin tonic which nourishes and moisturizes the skin making it firm. It is also efficient in reducing stretch marks, removing burns and scars. This oil also reduces wrinkles caused due to ageing.

Mannequins Vitamin E Skin Oil

Mannequin’s Vitamin E Skin Oil comes in yellow plastic bottle with a bright pink colored cap. The cap is screw-able and flip-able too.

The oil is thick and colorless. It has a faint smell which is not really good. But the smell is not over powering.

Just 2 drops of oil is sufficient to cover up the entire face. Massage well and leave over night. It works great as a night cream.

Vitamin E Skin Oil Benefits

Skin Oil Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Skin Oil

It makes skin supple and baby soft.

Mannequin’s Vitamin E Skin Oil is suitable as both facial oil and body oil. Add few drops of this vitamin e oil in the homemade face mask, face scrub, body scrub or any other homemade recipes you usually try.

how to use vitamin e oil

Mannequins Vitamin E Skin Oil swatch

Price: Rs.115 for 50 ml

Rating: 5/5

Recommendation: Yes. Mannequin’s Vitamin E Skin Oil is highly recommended as it is very beneficial for the skin.

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