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Sunstop 19 – Cream For Sun Protection Review

Sunstop 19 is not a beauty cream, rather it is a medicated cream recommended by expert dermatologists for skin problems. Due to the sudden changes in weather conditions I experienced skin itching and heavy peeling off, also a burning sensation on sun exposure. My dermatologist suggested me Sunstop 19 as a sun shield and all purpose cream for skin irritations.

Sunstop 19 sun protection cream

Sunstop SPF 19 best sunscreen
Price : Rs 230 for 50gm , it is available in all drug stores and also can be shopped online.

Package: Standard tube with a blue flip cap. A slight press dispenses a drop of cream and has no leakage issues. The tube is very handy and travel friendly.

Nature: The cream is pearl white and buttery to touch. So thick the cream is that it does not even tend to pour down from your palm. A pea size is sufficient for the entire face but you have to massage hard for the cream to spread.

Sunstop SPF 19 sunscreen ingredients

Sunstop 19 sun burn protection

The best way to use this cream is to apply half an hour before you set out for sun. It can be applied to any exposed portions like hands and neck. As a sunshield it has no match to any available sunscreens in the market. It is very effective in protecting skin from sun rays and cures skin irritations caused due to climatic changes.

The cream may be greasy for oily skin but works to be non sticky for dry and normal ones.

Sunstop SPF 19 swatch

Pros of Sunstop 19:

·         Very effective sun shield.
·         Calms down skin irritation
·         Travel friendly.
·         Worth its price.
·         Available in all drug stores.

Cons of Sunstop 19:

·         Quite greasy for oily skin.
       Rating: 5/5
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