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Paper Lamp Craft Ideas | Holiday Craft Activities

Paper crafts are the best time pass hobby ideas for children during vacation.

Here is an interesting item to try during your free time. This craft idea is the best time pass for kids during school vacation and weekend holidays.

crafts ideas for toddlers

Making paper diyas is one of the best Diwali décor ideas too. Prepare paper diyas in different color combinations and organize in creative patterns around the house.

Simple steps to follow to make paper diyas/lamps

-          Cut two strips of white/colored paper.
-          Stick these 2 strips at one of the ends to make the letter L. (Refer picture below).

paper lamp craft idea

-          Now, beginning from where you attached the strips together, fold one above the other.
-          Fold the first strip above the other.
-          Fold the second strip over the first one.
-          Continue until the end of the strips.

paper lamp craft for kids

-          Using red and yellow color paper, draw a fire/flame shape and cut accordingly.
-          Stick the paper flame to one end of the candle. Keep aside until the base is prepared

craft ideas paper diya lamp

-          Now cut a cardboard in circular shape to form the base of the candle. Decorate the base with crystals, glitter glue, colors, stickers, pearls, anything of your personal choice.

holiday craft ideas for kids

-          It is time to put everything together. Stick the candle to the base.

Paper candle/diya/lamp is ready to sport and show off with your friends.

paper candle holiday craft

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