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How to Treat Prickly Heat in Babies and Kids

Prickly heat, sweat rashes, heat boils, painful skin bumps with pus; the skin problems are endless with the onset of summer. Now, it is several days into the hot drenching summer, and the skin woes are at its peak.

Sweating is a way body cools down during summer. The real problem begins when sweat gets trapped under the skin. If sweat cannot escape through the hair follicles, tiny bumps erupt causing itchiness and giving a pricking sensation.

In babies and little kids, hair follicles are not well developed. Thus, they are more susceptible to the summer skin problems. 

Here are few home remedies to treat prickly heat.

Aloe vera and cucumber

Prepare a combined gel/paste of aloe vera and cucumber by grinding them together and applying topically on the affected area. 

ALoe Gel as a Facial Cleanser

Or, to make it more simple, scoop out a small piece of aloe gel and gently rub on the skin. Also, place cucumber slices on the affected area for cooling effect.

Leave for at least 30 minutes before washing.

Sandalwood paste

rubbing sandalwood+sandal wood

The sandal is the best known natural skin coolant and has been in use in its purest form for ages. Sandalwood has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties which help in dealing with the burning sensation of prickly heat.  


Patanjali Divya Gulab Jal

Rosewater is one of the very soothing home remedies for prickly heat. Dab rose water using a cotton ball on the skin – underarms, neck, forehead, folding in the leg. This helps soothe skin irritation. The aroma is refreshing too and controls body odour too.
Rosewater can also be included in the preparation of skin pack along with margosa (neem) powder, Multani mitti or sandalwood.

Neem Leaf 


Prepare a strong decoction of neem leaves and add it to your bath water. Neem is an excellent disinfectant and reduces the occurrence of prickly heat.

Alternatively, grind a fist full of neem leaves and make a fine paste and apply on heat boils and rashes.

While following the above home remedies, also note few more changes in your baby’s daily routine practice.

Maintain hygiene and give your baby warm water bath twice a day.
Use loose fitting clothes. Make sure you pick 100% cotton clothes for the season.
Do not use skin creams and lotions.
Dust sweat absorbing baby powder or prickly heat powder suitable for baby’s skin.
Try Shalom dusting powder to absorb sweat and control prickly heat.
On heat rashes, apply calamine lotion for quick healing.

In severe cases of summer skin problems in your baby, consult your doctor. 

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