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Homemade Substitutes for Cerelac Stage 3 : 10months+

Although Nestle Cerelac is one of the highly recommended baby food, it gives you immense pleasure when you “do it yourself”.

Read on for home-cooked baby food in the flavors of cerelac stage 3.

Homemade Cerelac Substitutes for Stage 3 :10months +

Homemade Instant Wheat Rice Mixed Veg Cerelac:


Clean wash rice flakes, corn, and whole wheat grains. Dry them to sunlight to be moist free.
Make a fine powder of the grains using a food processor and store them dry.


Clean wash vegetables that supply high energy to the growing infant. The packed food cerelac includes tomato and carrot. You can add few more of your baby’s choice.
Chop the vegetables and pressure cook till they soften.
In a clean utensil add 2 scoops of powdered grains, pour a half cup of milk/water, a sweetening agent (sugar/rock sugar) and dissolve together. Boil the solution in a low flame with continuous stirring. Add milk/water as required. Switch off the flame when the semisolid state has reached.
Smash the boiled vegetables with your fingertips or food processor. Mix the vegetable smash to the boiled porridge.

Homemade Instant Wheat Rice Mixed Fruit Cerelac:

Clean wash rice flakes (white rice or parboiled) and whole wheat grains. Dry them to sunlight to make them moist free.
Powder the dried grains and store them in a dry container.


Prepare a fruit bowl of those loved by your child. Preferably peeled chopped apples, orange juice extracts, finely chopped strawberries and mashed bananas. You can add many more like sapodilla, avocadoes, mango and sweet lemon extracts.
Mix the freshly prepared fruit bowl to the boiled porridge. Smash the fruits if your child finds uncomfortable in chewing.

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