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How To Bathe Your Baby With Natural Herbs?

Baby Bath procedure, customs, and the bathing products vary from region to region, but the ultimate goal is to keep your baby hygiene and warm. Bathing newborn babies are scary and not enjoyed by infants too. A perfect baby bath shows overall development and healthy growth in babies. That is why new mothers should be accompanied and advised by mothers and grandmothers.

Although we have loads of baby shower kits It is good practice to use natural herbs on the tender skin.

How To Bathe Your Baby With Natural Herbs?

Here we have the steps and herbs used for baby bath.

Homemade Ayurvedic Baby Oil

How To Make Homemade Baby Massage Oil?

Home Made Baby Massage Oil

Apply homemade baby oil all over the body of the infant and massage well with mild strokes. Baby massage is mandatory which improves the overall baby development.

Homemade Baby Soap

Although we have some renowned baby soaps proven to be safe, we can adopt the traditional Indian way for cleansing.

How To Make Homemade Baby Soap?

Turmeric/turmeric sticks
Gram flour


Take a turmeric stick, gram flour and milk.

How To Bathe Your Baby With Natural Herbs?

Roll it turmeric stick hard on a coarse stone by pouring a spoon of milk. Add milk while rolling if required and prepare a smooth paste.

How To Bathe Your Baby With Natural Herbs?

How To Bathe Your Baby With Natural Herbs?

Collect half spoon of turmeric milk paste in a clean container.
To the same container add half spoon gram flour and mix well. Add few drops of milk to form a
        clear smooth paste.

How To Bathe Your Baby With Natural Herbs?

A traditional homemade cleanser is ready.

How To Bathe Your Baby With Natural Herbs?


Turmeric is an antiseptic and has wound healing properties. When combined with milk it heals baby skin rashes, wounds, mosquito bites, nourishes and soothes skin.
It is better to use turmeric stick as powdered turmeric may be contaminated which might harm the baby’s skin.
For a baby girl, you can increase the quantity of turmeric as they rule out body hairs and make skin yellowish fair.
Gram flour is an excellent body cleanser removing sweat, grease and the milk residue which are usually apart of your baby.

Preparation of Herbal Water

Boil 8 to 10 neem leaves in one cup of water, let it decrease to half forming a concentrate neem solution. Now, prepare hot water tub with the right temperature not too cold or hot. Pour the neem solution into the bathtub and mix well with your clean hands.
Use this herbal neem water for your baby body and hair wash.



Neem leaves are highly antiseptic and antibacterial in nature.
Neem water provides relief from baby rashes, prickly heat and any sought of skin infections affecting your baby skin.
Neem water used on the baby hair scalp keeps away from itching and birth of lice.
Neem leaves are highly antibacterial killing all the sweat and odor-causing germs.

Baby Bath

Once you are ready with herbal water and herbal cleansing soap, start with massaging with herbal homemade oil for 10 to 15minutes. Before you start the shower, check for the temperature of the herbal water aside. Here is a video of a baby bath. The right time for your baby’s bath is from 7am to 9am.

How To Bathe Your baby? - Video

Exposure To Sunlight

Yes, this is a compulsion and you have no chance to miss it. Once your baby is ready after showering you must get him out for the daylight. Your baby needs Vitamin D from bright sunlight for every organ development and bone fitness. Vitamin D deficiency is the major concern in today’s newborn leading to poor growth. The right time for sun exposure is from 9am to 10am. The later hours may be harsh to infants.

Baby Drying

Drying your baby is also an important step as the water remains may encourage cold in your infant.

Dry the infant’s hair and body including every curve using a hygiene dry soft cloth.
Blow the baby’s belly button as the water fills up in the area.

Herbal Moisturizer:

Once your baby is dry, do not apply powder as it dries off the skin layer. Make a smooth sandalwood paste and apply a thin layer all over the body. This is a best after shower lotion to be applied, it cools down body temperature, moisturizes baby skin and relieves skin boils.

rubbing sandalwood+sandal wood

Once you have followed the herbal baby bath process, feed your infant and set them to cradle. Your baby feels so much relaxed and comfortable that he/she sleeps soundly for a minimum of 2 to 3 hours.

Hope the article is useful for new mom’s.

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