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What to Expect at a Bangalore Wedding - Glimpses of South Indian Wedding

Treasured moments I clicked at a Bangalore Wedding

Some chit-chatting and personal talking at this moment here.

I have been travelling to and fro shopping and attending weddings and other events like crazy. It is this time of the year where everyone gets to attend loads of weddings, brahmopadesham, gruha pravesha, and many other functions.

indian wedding mandap decorations

Attending South Indian functions is totally a different experience. The silk saree clad ladies take this every opportunity to decorate their hair with jasmine flowers. Men and little kids prefer silk too on special occasions.

Kids are such bliss to watch during family gatherings and events.

kids silver anklets

how to dress up kids for weddings

Wedding jewelleries – Vodyanam, Vanki, Jhumki

voddyanam south indian jewelleries

jhumki indian wedding jewelleries

voddyanam vanki wedding jewelleries

Dark henna patterns

mehendi for indian wedding

mehendi indian wedding

Jasmine flowers

bangalore wedding jasmine floral hair style

Simple mandap decorations and floral decorations

bangalore indian wedding rituals ceremonies

Silk sarees everywhere

vibrant silk saree color combinations

silk sarees for wedding

The culture and tradition

bangalore indian wedding rituals ceremonies

hindu wedding rituals customs

beautiful karnataka bride

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