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Easy Bob Ross Landscape Paintings to Try for Beginners

I have an artist friend, whose work I admire a lot. But according to her, she still hasn’t created something she can be proud of and show to the world at least one work of hers with deep satisfaction in heart.

To my astonishment she just became an artist out of nowhere in the air. None of us (includes herself too) knew that there was a thing hidden in her towards the canvas, brushes and oil paints.

bob ross pantings for beginners

In her words,

Simply watch Bob Ross - a happy man making happy clouds, happy mountains, happy trees, happy bushes, and make happy bucks.

Everyone who watches Bob Ross making strokes using colors and brushes on the canvas is bound to be an artist.

With no background of drawing, sketching, painting, blending; anyone who accidentally happen to watch any 30 minutes landscape painting video of Bob Ross will suddenly develop an urge to hold paint brushes and oil paint tubes.

To begin with, here are few Bob Ross landscape paintings to start off for beginners.

Below paintings are handmade using Camel Students’ Oil Colours on canvas roll meant for acrylic and oil paintings.

Bob Ross – Island in the Wilderness

bob ross paintings for beginners

This landscape painting from Season 29 Episode 1 is very bright in the sky and water. Bob Ross makes it in his standard sized stretched canvas. You can make it on any size.

Bob Ross – A Trace of Spring

best bob ross painting for begnners

This is another excellent art piece from the big-bushy hairy soft spoken Bob Ross. The colors of spring are so well seen on the trees, bushes, small shrubs. Everything looks so happy amidst the hustling bubbling flowing river stream.

To follow this step-by-step painting video, watch on the channel ‘The Joy of Painting’ Season 26 Episode 5

Bob Ross - The Grandeur of Summer

buy bob ross painting summer grandeur

This is the first mountain summit to try from his many paintings. He so clearly explains how to paint a 3 dimension looking mountain with perfect bright light angle and also shadowed side. He has a wonderful explanation in his paintings; to show light you will need darkness.

Bob Ross – Emerald Water

emerald water asy bobross painting

Emerald Water is a beautiful painting done on a black canvas.

The Joy of Painting Season 13 Episode 9 video on his painting channel shows how beautifully you can create refelctions on the water and how easily a waterline shows the border between the land and the water.

Fall River Painting by Bill Alexander

easy beginner painting fall river by alexander bill

Bob Ross isn’t the only guy who makes everything look so easy with paints and brushes on canvas. One can also take lessons from videos of Bill Alexander.

Infact, Bob was inspired and learnt it all from Bill. This Fall River easy painting looks good to start with for a beginner with painting.

If you want to buy any of the above oil paintings drop a mail to happiestladies@gmail.com. Or you may also order any of the Bob Ross landscape paintings in any size.

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