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How to Use Kum Kumadi Tailam

Kum Kumadi tailam is a boon from ayurvedic science for ruling out skin problems. The herbal beauty oil is an amalgamation of pure herbs and herbal oils aiming towards enhancement of skin beauty.

How To Use Kum Kumadi Tailam?


How To Use Kum Kumadi Tailam?

Price and quantity:

Although the ingredients list is the same, the oil arrives in different Ayurvedic companies according to which the price and volume varies.

How To Use Kum Kumadi Tailam?

I own the oil from “Vasu Healthcare”. It costs Rs150 for 25ml.

Benefits of Kumkumadi Tailam:

The first mindset towards nature science is “Be patient and Be regular”. The same applies here too, you cannot expect flawless skin overnight. But regular usage of kum kumadi tailam promises you in eradicating acne, softens skin, improves skin complexion, dark circles under eye, fades skin scars, tan effect from hot sun, dry skin, removes blackhead and slows down ageing of skin.

How To Use Kum Kumadi Tailam?

How to use Kum Kumadi Tailam for skin

1) Apply a thin layer of oil (3 to 4 drops) and massage in circular motion. Leave it overnight and follow the same regularly. Skin softening can be observed immediately just in 2 days. Over a period of 10 to 15 days it illuminates skin with a lightened skin tone and controlled breakouts.

2) Packed with herbs, it is an all-purpose skin health oil. In true words it can be used as a facial massage oil, cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

3) Apply 2 to 3 drops under eye regularly and massage smoothly from left to right direction to tackle the dark circles.

4) The oil can be used for chapped lips. Rub a drop of oil to both the lips regularly. Also since saffron is the main ingredient the oil improves pink tint of lips too.

5) Add 3 to 4 drops of oil to hot water tub while you bath. Carry your regular bathing process with this water. This acts as a miraculous body lotion with reduced body odor too.

6) The oil can be used while on face steaming. Pour 3 to 4 drops of oil to the vaporizer and steam your skin with the aromatic vapor.  The skin pore opens passing all the herbal ingredients within.

7) The oil can be used as an additional ingredient in any homemade face packs.

8) Kum kumadi tailam is an effective makeup remover. Even though not recommended we sometimes get into the harsh chemical makeups for occasions. Wash out the chemical makeup with lukewarm water and pat dry. Massage the skin with kum kumadi tailam for nourishment and repair of skin cells.

9) The oil can be applied for minor cuts and burns.

How To Use Kum Kumadi Tailam?

How to use Kumkumadi Tailam for babies

The herbal oil usually does not have any side effects. But to avoid the risk over a tender skin, it is safe to use this oil only after the age of 6months.

In a clean bowl pour 3 spoons of baby oil (I prefer fresh coconut oil) and 4 to 5 drops of kum kumadi tailam. Mix well and use it as a baby body massage oil.

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