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10 Best Tea Time Starters and Snacks

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Sipping evening tea is bliss for all of us. The relaxed and refreshed feel it gives while sipping is something unexplainable. With it, usually a snack is expected. Tea time starter snacks and hot tea, the combination of the duo is a wonderful treat to our taste buds.

Here are few of the popular snacks served along with evening tea. The recipes are easy and quick to prepare. These snacks are also excellent recipes to prepare when it is raining.

Jackfruit Chips Crispy Crunchy Snack

The fried sticks of raw jackfruit in fresh coconut oil are a crunchy crispy companion along with hot tea.

Banana Chips

The golden discs of banana with aroma of coconut oil are an amazing traditional tea time snack. It introduces the authentic flavour of south indian regions where coconut oil takes precedence.


10 Best Tea Time Starters and Snacks

Prepare golden brown circular chakkuli (or it is also called as murukku) and store in air tight jars. They taste yumm for long days.

10 Best Tea Time Starters and Snacks

This is a crunchy pakoda which is healthy and tasty.

10 Best Tea Time Starters and Snacks

Pakoras/pakodas are great snacks for all food lovers. The flavours are amazing.

Capsicum Bajji

10 Best Tea Time Starters and Snacks

The spicy coating around capsicum pieces taste amazing when fried in oil. The crisp and crunchy feel is gives is delicious.

Rava Vada

Rava/Suji/Semolina is crispy by nature. Preparing vada by mixing all the aromatic spices makes it an amazing evening snack.

banana fritters evening snacks

The quick and the easiest recipe of preparing banana fritters can be made any time you want. It is an instant recipe.

Jackfruit Fritters Recipe

This is seasonal recipe. The special flavour induced by adding jackfruit pap along with other flours gives the fritters a very unique taste.

Mangalor Bajji Recipe+south indian snacks

Typically called as Mangalore Bajji, it is best served with coriander leaves and coconut chutney.

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