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Patanjali Shishu Care Body Lotion Review

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We should be proud about the Patanjali Indian brand who remains to be the only swadeshi organization who has released widest range of products. Food products, personnel care, health products, baby products that includes all our daily needs.

The entire baby care kit including massage oil, wash gel, hair cleanser and body lotion is available which has price discount too.

Patanjali Shishu Care Body Lotion Review

Price of Patanjali Shishu Care Body Lotion:

Rs 85 for 100ml

Shelf life:

24 months


Patanjali Shishu Care Body Lotion Review


Fibrous bottle with a twistable flip cap. The bottle is travel friendly and the cap non-leaky too. The nozzle provides just enough space for the creams outlet.

Patanjali Shishu Care Body Lotion Review

About Patanjali Shishu Care Body Lotion: 
Whitish cream with a pink tint in it. The cream has a perfect consistency not too thick nor runny. When rubbed over the baby’s skin it waters and melts spreading all over the skin. The light cream sheds dryness and moisturizes baby skin. It is best to apply after baby shower to balance the skin oil. But the cream does not suit for heavy dryness and winters. Regular application for 3 to 4 hours is required.

Patanjali Shishu Care Body Lotion Review

The product claims to contain only herbal components. It shows no allergies, infections or any side effects.

The fragrance is mild showing no smell irritations to your baby’s nostrils.

Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: Patanjali shishu care body lotion is a descent product for the child’s healthy skin.

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