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Travelling to Mysore

From tranquil natural escapes to cultural extravaganzas, there are many destinations around Bangalore city waiting to be explored. The royal city of Mysore is one of the most visited places in India.

The journey from Bangalore to Mysore is along the route that dissects the countryside of Karnataka with offbeat attractions en route. Towns on the way include Ramanagara, famous for its Western-movie like landscape, and Mandya, known as the sugar capital of the region.

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The best way to enjoy the distance of 150 km is by driving a rented car, an option that offers more freedom and privacy than in taxis and buses. A self-drive Bangalore to Mysore cab comes at affordable rates and provides an end-to-end transport solution. Rentals are a favored choice across the world as they provide travelers with freedom, along with total control over the route and schedule. The self-drive rented car will come into even greater use when exploring the different parts of Mysore and its surrounding regions, without having to spend time figuring out Mysore’s public transport options.

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Places to see in Mysore

The Mysore Palace looms over the cityscape, a marvel of architecture that encapsulates the splendour of the Wadiyars, the patron dynasty of Karnataka’s cultural hub. Mysore’s Brindavan gardens are another landmark attraction, considered to be terraced landscapes housing rare species of trees and flowers, musical fountains, topiary works, and gazebos. A drive to Chamundi Hills is always recommended as the winding roads flanked by thick forests lead to a hill-top temple that is symbiotic with the history of the city. The Mysore Zoo is a fascinating showcase of some of the world’s rare species, from giraffes and African lions to Bengal tigers.

KRS Dam View Msore Tour

Modern car rentals are shaking up this segment of transportation in India. Car rental companies like Zoomcar are offering customers affordable plans and total freedom to explore, not just Mysore, but the regions around it such as Nagarhole National Park and Coorg district, to name a few. Customers can choose from a large fleet of cars for different journey requirements such as the latest hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs. Features like 24/7 on-road support add a security assurance.

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A mosaic of heritage, cuisine and landscape is waiting for those who want to feel the pulse of Mysore. From the quirky to the grand, one can experience it all in the Sandalwood City.

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