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Christmas Tree Paper Craft Ideas for Toddlers and Kids

Christmas holidays are here. This gives plenty of time for school goers and parents for fun activities. This holiday we thought why not do some Christmas craft activities.

Sharing here is an idea of making a cute little Christmas tree model. This is one the easiest holiday craft ideas for adults and kids together. Make tiny models as many as you can in as different colors as possible and use it in your Christmas décor this season.

christmas tree craft ideas for kids

Below is a short explanation of how to paper Christmas tree. This was a part of Christmas craft activities for pre-schoolers last year at my son’s Montessori.

All you need is
  • two thick chart papers, one in brown and the other of your color choice (we have picked yellow).
  • two green colored  craft/origami paper,
  • some decorative crystal stones or colourful thermacol balls
  • glue,
  • scissors.

How to do Christmas tree – paper craft for adults and kids
  • Fold the yellow chart paper into a conical structure. Staple or glue along for the cone to remain intact.
  • Now, cut at the bottom of the cone and level the edge so that the cone stands straight upright.
  • Keep this aside for now.

craft ideas christmas decor ideas

  • Take the green origami paper and make strips of about 3 inch wide.
  • On one side of these green strips, using scissors cut about 2 inch long slits. Do not cut completely and separate it from the original strip.
  • It should look like a strip of frill.
  • Now, bring in the cone. Stick the green frills along the circular part of the cone. Cover the entire cone with these frilled strips.
  • This makes the body of the Christmas tree.

christmas tree christmas craft activities

  • Glue different colored crystals or theramcol balls randomly to decorate the Christmas tree.
  • Use the brown chart paper to make a cylindrical trunk of the tree. Insert it into the inner part of the cone and stick it.
  • Finally, prepare a star to stick on top of the Christmas tree. Keep it plain or glittery.

christmas tree craft ideas for toddlers

The cute Christmas tree craft paper model is ready. Prepare many in different colors and use it in your Christmas home décor this holiday season.

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