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Best Lip Care in Winter - What You Should Know

It is that season of the year where beauty and makeup trends surprisingly turns funny demanding some extra attention and brightness. If you don’t make things work for yourself, this winter is sure to turn everything pale and gloomy in you.

This winter 2017, the trends calls for sporting cold weather cheeks, dark lips, feathery lashes, floating eyeliner that suddenly opens up the eyes in a totally different way, metallic eyes; everything is done boldly yet with a natural finish.

Beneath all the makeup there needs to be a healthy skin which should bear all that goes on with the colors.

If you are not a makeup person, then the only possible thought that will strike through is keeping your hair, body, skin, nails, lips, what more can you think of; hydrated.

For all the winter care personal products and winter specific makeup products, glancing through the ingredients list is mandatory. What is in there? Question yourself and find and answer yourself too.

Best natural lip balms in India (in the budget)

Lip balms are considered to be your delicate lip’s best friend during winter. Out of the many lip balms in Indian market, my favourite ones are very few.

The odourless, colourless, waxy, rich in an emollient that helps to keep my lips smooth and hydrated – these are the basic and  minimum features I look for in my winter lip care balm tubes.

nivea original care best lipbalm india

Nivea Original Care Lip Balm and Vaseline Total Moisture Lip Balm are the ones I have come across so far which contain natural ingredients and help my lips for getting parched.

Are you addicted to your lip balm?

Though these 2 are my favorite lip balms, I do not depend on them heavily. If you are addicted to your lip balm, then that is a matter of concern too. Why are you reapplying your chap stick again and again? Have you ever thought of this?

The more you apply; it is making your lips demand more. Check for the ingredients, there could be something irritating that is making your lips drier. A medicated lip balm might exfoliate and show healing properties initially, but on subsequent usage lips begin to dry and condition worsens.

winter lipcare best lipbalms

You have to do your share of work to find out that perfect dry lip fix. For some major time through the day, let your lips be just the way it is. The trick is to apply the balm only when needed.

Before buying a lip balm, you should know what is in a lip balm

There is a lot to know about the wide varieties of available lip balm. There are proven studies which say that there are several lip balms out there which actually make the lips drier than moisturize.

There are many factors that disturb the natural moisturizing ability of the lips. And surprisingly, lip balms are important and top factors too.

There are several ingredients which you believed all this way to be the best anti-ageing, best moisturizer, best anti-oxidant; many are known to be the most common allergens.

With this, picking up a balm with the simplest formula that contains minimum number of natural and organic ingredients becomes very important.

There are more surprising facts of lip balms one should be informed about. To know more, read here.

Natural DIY methods of exfoliating and hydrating lips

You may also turn to natural way of repairing your chapped lips. Gently exfoliate with any of the easiest homemade lip scrubs and moisturize with a natural moisturizing agent.

I use Homemade Sugar Lip Scrub to exfoliate only on need basis. Mix your favorite flavor (honey, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, coconut oil) with sugar.

When I am indoors, I use a dash of coconut milk or homemade butter to hydrate my lips.


Here, read about how to prepare coconut milk the traditional Indian way from freshly grated coconut. And all about churning to prepare homemade butter, here.

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