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Dil Wale Delhi’s Dil Wala Khana

On my first trip to Delhi, the capital city of India, I was treated to Dal at Bukhara, Chhole Bhature in Bengali Market and chaat in Chandni Chowk. I must say, that all of them tasted super heavenly. If I send anyone to Delhi on a maiden trip, these are my tips to them as well for a best first time experience of the rich fare that Delhi has on offer.

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The ones I mentioned are classics. They have stood the test of time. They have been there for ages an will continue to be so. A friend of mine recently told me that some of the delicacies from these places are going to be available through order food online apps as well. For me personally this is great news.  I absolutely love the food from these places but will not have the luxury of time to go there every time I visit Delhi.

Apart from these places, there is a lot more to order food in Delhi. The best part about food in Delhi is the multitude of options in South Indian, North Indian, rest of the Indian style cuisines. It is also an amazing place to taste food from other cuisines like Italian, Chinese or even Thai. The fact that Delhi is the power house of the country is a main reason. Other reasons are that it’s a metropolitan, has people from various nations living there and has a thriving population of youth willing to spend money on good food and order food online at the drop of a hat.

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The order food in Delhi scene has some community specific food places that offer delectable regional fare. The Andhra Bhavan on the Feroze shah road offers simple, tasty and authentic Idli, Dosa, Vada, Upma and Puri for breakfast. They are also popular for their Thali served as the only lunch option. Carnatic café in Greater Kailash is another must visit places, if you love South Indian food. You will be bowled over by the variety of Dosas. Plus it is a vegetarian’s delight as no meat is served. Oh! Calcutta located in International Trade Tower is a Bengali food lovers dream come true. It has a veritable feast of authentic Bengali dishes.

Bihari folks visiting Delhi must try out the food at The Potbelly. Likewise Malayali folks should definitely eat at The Toddy Shop. If you are thinking these are typical Indian places, then there is more. Delhi houses one of the most famous Parsi hotels, Rustom’s Parsi Bhonu. They are known for both their food and the quaint old style parsi charmed home of a hotel.

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European food, Chinese and Japanese cuisines are options that are available from global cuisines when one visits Delhi. Fuji is a restaurant in Connaught place that serves exclusive Japanese food. Most of us have access to a lot of Chinese food but not that much to Japanese. It is a cuisine worth exploring from if you are a food lover. Their Sushi is probably one of the best in the world and truly Japanese. 

The list of other good places in Delhi is a really long one that one blog post will never be able to cover. Delhi people are known for their large heartedness. It is evident in their food too. Dil Wale Delhi’s Dil Wala Khana is to be experienced for sure. 

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