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Glimpses of South Indian Udupi Wedding

Indian weddings are unique, especially south Indian weddings are very different from all customs and traditions. Every custom followed here has its unique meaning and are based on several Hindu traditions.

Few days ago I just attended a beautiful South Indian wedding – a typical Udupi Shivalli Brahmin traditional marriage ceremony.

south indian wedding rituals

Like most Indian weddings, there come many things of highlights. The baaraat – a grand welcoming procession of the groom, the bridal jewelleries, the henna designs on feet and hand, bridal hairstyles, bridal trousseau, stage decorations, pandit, rituals, and the most important the nuptial knot.

Here are few glimpses that show the highlights of a South Indian wedding.

Marriage ceremonies

Ceremonies are so unique here. The procession of the groom comes with a band of traditional music. The groom is welcome by washing his feet by the bride’s parents.

wedding procession india

The bride and groom perform several rituals as per the pandit’s instructions. Lot of silver ware items are involved in performing the marriage rituals. 

south indian wedding rituals

Bridal hairstyle with jasmine flowers

Jasmine flowers take such an important place in South Indian wedding. 

bridal jasmine hairstyles

The bride is decked in jasmine from top to bottom. The garland includes lots of jasmine too. The fragrance is filled in the air.

South Indian Jewelleries

Jewelleries are a major difference if compared to others. Temple jewelleries and the old charm designs steal the entire show in the ceremony. Not just the bride, every guest is adorned in pure gold beautiful designs of jewelleries.

vodyanam south indian jewellery designs

Vodyanam (traditional waist belt in south india), vanki (armlet), traditional floral design diamond stud are commonly found worn by ladies clad in 6 yards of silk saree.


Like all Indian weddings, mehendi is a part of south wedding traditions too. 

bridal henna designs for hands

henna designs for feet

The designs are so beautifully done on both hands and feet.


Silk can be seen all over. From old ladies to young little girls all are clad in bright colourful silk. 

bridal blouse designs

You will find a huge collection of designer blouses.

Traditional decorations

The wedding halls and stage are typically decorated using plantain, mango leaves, jackfruit leaves, arecanut leaves, coconut leaves or tender coconut itself.

Indian wedding stage decoration

The food

Food served on plantain leaf is delicious. You will get to taste the authenticity of rasam and  sambar. Finger licking recipes!

Have you been to any South Indian weddings? The experience is different.

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