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3 Best Ways of Using Saffron for Radiant Skin

Kesar as we Indians call it, saffron is one wonder product when it comes to skin care and beauty products. The use of saffron extracts has been in trend for ages.

The benefits of saffron on skin are many.  

beauty benefits of saffron

There are several brands that make skin care products with saffron extracts as the key ingredient and they claim to be highly beneficial for clear complexion and even skin tone. The radiance and glow on the skin is noticeable.

Saffron strands are easily available in most of the departmental stores. Here are few of the best and easy ways of using saffron for radiant skin.

Saffron + milk

Drop few strands of saffron in about 50 ml of warm milk and keep aside for half an hour. The milk will turn golden orange in some time indicating that the saffron has discharged its extracts/flavour into the milk.

Dip a cotton ball into the saffron milk and dab it all over face and neck. Massage with slight circular motion and wash with warm water after 15 minutes.

saffron strands in milk

This acts a good skin cleanser and moisturizer too resulting in a clean radiant glow.

Saffron + milk + corn flour face pack

Add half cup corn flour to saffron milk and mix well. Adjust the amount of saffron milk to prepare a thick paste.

Apply evenly on face and neck and allow until it dries completely. Wash off with water. These natural ingredients in this homemade face pack are all skin friendly and are very beneficial when applied topically.

Saffron + milk + brown sugar scrub

Exfoliation is important for any skin type. It reveals the youthful skin hidden underneath the dead skin cells.

Mix any of the gritty textured substance from your kitchen shelf along with saffron milk. Brown sugar is one of the best known skin scrubs.

Mix brown sugar and milk with saffron extracts in a bowl to form an excellent exfoliator.

For face, press your fingers against the mixture to pick the least possible quantity of the home made saffron brown sugar scrub. Rub gently against the wet skin and massage in gentle motions. 

Concentrate near the nose corners and chin to lift away the dead cells.

To use it as a body scrub, apply all over and scrub with sufficient pressure wherever required (elbow, knew joint, foot, ankle, neck and also underarms). After bath, you will experience soft polished skin.

Do you use saffron for skin care and treatment? How do you use it in your beauty regime?

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