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How to Make Instant Sweet Mango Pickle

Indian meals either roti or rice, they are always accompanied by a pickle. Of all the pickles, mango pickle remains to be the favorite. 

Region wise there are varieties of mango pickle recipes. Here is an easy instant sweet mango pickle which is best for beginners in cooking. Also this sweet pickle can be relished by kids too.

How to Make Instant Sweet Mango Pickle?


Raw Mango
One spoon Mustard seeds
Half spoon Fenugreek seeds
Red Chili/ or Red chili powder
2 spoon coconut oil
3 spoons of Sugar/ jaggery powder

Mango Pickle - Sweet Pickle Recipe

How to Make Instant Sweet Mango Pickle?

Clean and chop raw mango. You can use any raw mango but totapuri mangoes comes well in this recipe.

In a deep pan heat mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds and red chili. Once the seeds get roasted switch off the flame.

Blend all the spices to fine powder. If you use the red chili powder skip adding red chilies.

In a deep vessel cook the chopped mangoes with half cup water. When the mangoes are half cooked, add powdered spices, 2 spoon oil and salt.

After the mangoes gets softened add sugar. Boil till it forms a thick syrup. Switch off the flame. 

Transfer to a clean container once cooled.

How to Make Instant Sweet Mango Pickle?

Mango Pickle is prepared instantly. It has the best combination with rice recipes especially curd rice.


The pickle stay intact for a week in refrigeration. Adding more of oil increases its shelf life.

You can add sugar and spices as per your requirement.

Do not cook the mangoes to smash, let it retain its shape.

Try this easy recipe for this mango season.

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