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Malpe Beach – Exciting Seaside Getaway in Udupi

If you have known Udupi only for the popular temples in and around, then it is time to update your information. Udupi is also famous for Malpe Beach which is about 6 km from Udupi.

malpe beach udupi tourist attraction

Malpe Beach is considered as one of the beautiful virgin beaches of Karnataka. The development seen in and around the beach area has made it one of the popular picnic spot and an important tourist attraction for people who plan a tour to the temple town Udupi.

Fishing here is the main occupation. With fishermen and the labourers dwelling here, Malpe has turned into a small beach town.

paradise isle beach resort

For locals, tourists, beach holiday lovers and nature lovers, Malpe beach is one destination which will give memories that will last life-long.

Depending on your interest, mood and time you can do several of the things at Malpe Beach.

entertainment sports at malpe beach

The first and the foremost thing everyone should do when you hit the sand is to take a walk along the shore. The golden sand, blue water, clear sky and the moistened breeze together set the mood for long walk leaving your trail behind.

beach shacks malpe beach udupi

Once after the walk, enjoy both areas of dry sand and wet send. Build castles, or just create sand shapes. When was the last time you dug your fingers into the sand. 

what to do in malpe beach

beach cricket at malpe beach

Why not play beach cricket with a small team of your own.

Take a dip and wet yourself from head to toe. Worry not about sticky sand and salty water. There are places to take bath, clean up, change dresses and get tidied.

malpe beach udupi attractions

Water sports have come up to attract tourists. A banana boat ride will give you a total dip into the sea. 

There are provisions to experience fishing and angling.

Or just go about a boat ride till a far stretch and watch the sea as far as it stretches.

parasailing malpe beach

Fly high with parasailing and watch the blue water from up high and people splashing and jumping in the water.

things to do in malpe beach camel ride

things to do in malpe beach horse ride

Camel rides and horse rides are a new experience here. The ride on the soft sand is bumpy and exciting.

fly kites at malpe beach

Kites fly crazily here along the breeze. There are kites of several shapes and size handmade by the locals. 

things to do in malpe beach bike ride

Quad bike rides look tempting too. All these rides and entertainment sports are nominally charged.

boat ride to st.marys island

If your timings are perfect for a ride to St. Mary’s island, then contact the concerned boating service.

With panoramic landscapes around, Malpe beach is an unforgettable experience with so many things happening all at a time. 

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