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Pigeon Gentle Baby Shampoo Review

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When you try a brand for the first time, and that first product turns out to be best/good/satisfactory than you will definitely return to the same shelf to pick up more other products from that brand. Am I right?

The same happens to me too with Pigeon brand. Their range of baby care products seems to be winning me all over.

Pigeon Gentle BabyShampoo

After their Toothpaste for Children, reviewing their baby shampoo – Pigeon Gentle Baby Shampoo.

Priced at Rs.245 for 200 ml, it might seem to be expensive if you compare with other baby care brands in India. But, it is worth the buy.

Pigeon Gentle Baby Shampoo

The consistency is simply runny just like water. A small tilt will make the shampoo pour down without any problem. It looks like water in color, feel and consistency.

This is one of the best gentle shampoos perfectly suited for new born, babies, toddlers and kids.
It hardly has any fragrance. In my opinion, fragrances are totally not needed in baby products. They might cause irritations, you never know.

Pigeon Baby Shampoo suitable for new borns

Pigeon Baby Shampoo with natural plant extracts

Gentle Baby Shampoo Pigeon ingredients

Lathering is minimal, in the right quantity needed for cleaning. It makes scalp and hair fresh and cleans well.  Rinsing is easy and does not take loads of bucket of water. 

A small amount is sufficient for one wash, so being a little calculative; this 200 ml bottle will easily last for long say about 4 months.

The bottle shows the product quantity inside clearly. The opening is a sturdy flip cap which can be screwed open. There is no fear of leakage, hence a travel friendly bottle.

Pigeon Gentle BabyShampoo swatch

Overall, I love how it leaves my child’s hair clean, fresh looking and bouncy. It does not dry out scalp and hair. Comparing Pigeon Gentle Baby Shampoo with all the baby shampoos used so far, my experience suggests that Pigeon Shampoo is the best of all.

Rating: 5/5

Recommendation: Yes. For a non-irritating shampoo which is fragrance free and color free, mild in nature and lathers very little leaving scalp clean and hair conditioned.

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