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Indian Traditional Jewellery - Armlet/Bajuband/Vanki Designs

India has always shown love towards ornaments and adore to decorative items like flowers and beads. However modern be our country but when it comes to tradition Indian women is wrapped with beautiful gold and stone jewels.  The fascinating part of Indian traditional jewellery is every part of her body has unique ornament to be worn right from forehead to her ankles. Mangtikka, jhumki, nath, necklace, bangles or kada, vanki or armlet, waist chain or oddiyanam, jadanagam (hair plait jewellery), anklets and many more on list.

All though these jewels are worn all over the country, some ornament have more respect and highly recognized in some regions. Armlet or vanki of south India show the rich Hindu culture with lakshmi, Lord Krishna, peacock and the lotus designs. Today they are also available in modern flimsy patterns.

Here are some mind blowing vanki patterns which every women dreams to have.


This is the true traditional vanki of south India from where the name originated. Also called as clutch form or the ara vanki they appear coiled with inverted V-shape gold work with precious stones and pearls. This is most commonly found in south India suiting the Indian bride. Goddess Lakshmi , peacock designs and designs relating Hindu history are the common pattern available in these jewels.

In this design you can find goddess Lakshmi carved at the centre seated on a lotus surrounded with ruby and pearl hangings.

Chain Style Vanki:

Chain styled armlet is the modern design which come in different designer patterns. They are usually lightweight, flimsy and available in attractive designs. These chain style vanki also serve the purpose of grandeur necklace or the armlet.

The traditional temple designs are now available even in the modern chain style vanki.

Floral Chain Vanki:

Beautiful flower at the centre with ruby and emerald stones and combination of gold, ruby and emerald drops hanging below.

Simple Designer Vanki:

22k golden bajuband/vanki with net pattern and tiny gold hangings. It is a complete golden designed pattern with no pearls and stone works. The chain has rings at the end for adjustments.

Diamond Peacock Armlet

diamond armlet bhima jewellery

This is the simplest one which you can wear on all occassion. The diamond and other precious stones adds a lot to the beauty of the peacock.

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