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Pigeon Children Toothpaste Orange Flavour Review

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Teaching oral hygiene is an important part of child rearing. It is actually very confusing to adjust to baby/child behavior about brushing, gargling, and tongue cleaning.

Babies and kids behave differently at each stage of growth, so brush teeth is a very challenging experience both of us face.

As for me and my child, brushing teeth is a onetime event in a day, that too right before bath.
To keep his interest alive, I keep changing tooth brushes and try new tooth pastes too. I buy pastes in different flavours kid’s toothpaste from different brands.

Pigeon Children Toothpaste Orange

My latest try is Pigeon Children Toothpaste Orange Flavour.

Priced at Rs.165 for 45 g, it is available for discounted price at many Indian online shopping sites like flipkart, amazon, firstcry, babyoye, snapdeal, healthkart, shopclues. 

Oh! There are so many online sites to shop for kid’s products, looks like it is time for a quick listing of 10 best online shopping sites to buy kid’s products

Coming back to Pigeon Toothpaste for Children, the flavour is a yummy orangey one. There is no way any child can hate it. Banana, strawberry, orange, mango, these fruity flavours are always a success with babies and kids.

Pigeon Children Toothpaste Orange Flavour Review

The paste comes in a tube with a regular screw cap. A little press will push out a dollop of the paste. 

For children below 3, usually who do not know to spit out properly, half of the peanut size is sufficient for brushing. When your child gets complete control of spitting out the paste and gargling well, you make increase the amount of paste for brushing.

Pigeon Toothpaste  for Children

The formula is low foaming and feels as though you are brushing with just the wet brush. It hardly foams and for minimum foam to occur one needs to use more amount of paste.

But the foam-free brushing is best recommend for kids as they have just begun the teeth brushing routine.

Pigeon Toothpaste  for Children Orange

Pigeon Orange Flavour Toothpaste has a light tint of orange colour to it. 

Dentists and pediatricians usually suggest oral product that are free from Fluoride for babies and small children. This toothpaste meets that demand. 

Pigeon Children fluoride-free Toothpaste

As the brand claims, this Pigeon Toothpaste is fluoride-free which is specially formulated for babies and children. It is excellent for cleaning children’s teeth and gum and helps in preventing tooth decay. 

Like any other baby product, adult supervision is must while using this toothpaste. As for we Indian moms, we are always reluctant to leave our children without supervision, how much ever they grow in their age. Right? What say Indian mommies!!

Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: Yes. For a baby whom you fear of swallowing toothpaste during oral care routine, fluoride-free toothpaste is best suggested and Pigeon Children Toothpaste available in Strawberry and Orange flavours can be a good choice.

Disclaimer: If you are worried about swallowing SLS present in the ingredients list, then you have to contact your doctor and learn more about other suitable baby oral care products.

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