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Patanjali Litchi Pure Honey Review

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Honey, as we know has truck load of benefits when it comes to beauty and health.

There are several brands that market honey in the pure form as they say. 

I am always very choosy about how the honey taste and don’t really like if they don’t taste original as the wild forest honey. It has the strongest flavour and is the most medicinal if you compare with other forms. My family knows a person who provides continuous supply of bottles of forest honey. If you are accustomed to the taste of forest honey, then a slight change in the taste will make you feel that honey is not up to the mark.

I have tried Dabur and Lion Honey earlier, just small trial pack bottles. They have been nowhere in comparison to the taste of wild forest honey. Sometimes the brands of honey we buy contain some percent of concentrated sugar or jaggery syrup which contributes to the altered taste. 

Patanjali Litchi Pure Honey Review

No brand has been satisfactory so far to me, until I bought Patanjali Honey.

Patanjali by far seems a lot better and comes close to the taste of the wild natural taste. Though seems best in the market, it still lacks a little behind to the wild forest honey which I have access to.

Package: Patanjali Litchi Honey comes in a glass bottle which has wide open mouth. The bottle is shut close with a yellow plastic screw cap. The graphics display the image of the fruit Litchi.

Patanjali Litchi Pure Honey

Taste: It is delicious and of course sweetening as we all know how honey tastes (be it any type).  For a family who has access to abundant supply of wild forest honey, Patanjali Litchi Pure Honey has become an appreciable product. So, it definitely scores well in its purity and taste.

Patanjali Litchi Honey Pure Honey

Why not taste yourself and make a decision? It costs Rs.140 for a bottle of 500 g.

How to use Patanjali Litchi Pure Honey: 

5 to 10 g twice daily with luke warm water or milk. Can be taken along with juice of ginger for cough relief and for other ailments.

How to use Patanjali Litchi Honey

For beauty freaks, benefits of honey are well known as they give a beautiful glow to the skin and shine to the hair. So, including them in the homemade beauty treatments needs no introduction.
Consuming honey orally and using it topically is popular in Indian culture.

As the Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd explains, honeybees collect nectar from lychee flower. So honey has the flavour of that particular fruit, so the product has been named Litchi Honey. Lychee flavour or essence is not added to the honey. 

This explains how the pure honey got its name and the blend of mild fruity flavour of litchi.

Patanjali Litchi Honey

Rating: 4/5

Repeating again, extensive use of wild forest strongly flavoured honey will make any other form or brand of honey not satisfactory.

Disclaimer: I am not in favour or against any brand/company. The contents are published solely on the personal experience and review.

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