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Importance of Montessori Education

Although the Montessori education system came up during early 1990’s, our country took it into practice just a decade ago. What is so special in Montessori schooling? Is this adaptation from traditional teaching useful from the child’s point of view?

Here are 8 reasons to grow your child in a montessori

Montessori classroom:

Montessori classroom is a happy living room for children. The classroom invites the child with bright and attractive colors and pictures in the wall. They include furniture’s of child’s size, shelves and Montessori materials. They are different places for each learning playing activities where children are free to move around independently.

Montessori teacher:

It is hard to find out a Montessori teacher in a Montessori. You will find her in the midst of children helping them learn from interactions and experiences.

Freedom and Independence:

Do not mistake these two words as children have the freedom to misbehave. In a Montessori children have the freedom of choice and independence to learn on their own or pairs or in groups. The freedom within limits show positive effects in children.

Experienced learning:

Education is not just focused on reading and writing. Concepts are made to caught rather than taught. Children are made to perform tasks through which they learn through their experience. This provides them an exposure and encourages one’s creativity and imagination.

Focus on every student:

Unlike the traditional schools where one teacher to student mass without any interaction, in a Montessori every student is focused individually. Each child is given special care and attention helping them develop their individual skills.

Other development skills:

As the activities are not just pointed towards reading and writing, a Montessori student is promoted to both physical and mental development. The materials used improve the child’s muscular movement, development of sense organs and communication skills.

No grades, No punishments, No comparisons:

Montessori aims to respect every child uniquely. There is no comparisons between students and no grade or marks which demotivate your child. A child can learn depending upon the individual grasping and muscular power. The mistakes are taken in a positive way asking them an helping hand to improve their mistakes.

Social behavior:

Apart from learning activities Montessori also focuses on social manners of a growing child. They are motivated and interacted to talk politely, cleanliness, work on their own, good habits, sharing and an helping hand to needy. These social behaviors are taught by children adult interactions making it as a fun activity.

This is why your child enjoys going to a Montessori.

Photo courtesy by
Ramya, Montessori Teacher
Pruthvi Montessori, Bangalore.

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