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Health Drink – Amla / Gooseberry Juice

Indian gooseberry, the fruit with an unbalanced mixture of sour, sweet, pungent and bitter yet a powerhouse of nutrients. Intake of this rich Vitamin C fruit has amazing health benefits.

Health Benefits of amla/gooseberry juice

Improves immunity
The citric juice reduces the occurrence of cough and cold, cures sore throat.
Helps in detoxification of body.
Gooseberries boosts the body metabolic rate.
Reduces blood sugar level
Improves liver functioning flushing out unhealthy toxins
Antibacterial nature of amla reduces acidity level of body this reducing mouth and stomach ulcers. Also, consumption of amla prevents the occurrence of gall bladder stones.
Promotes hair growth
Makes skin glow and reduces skin pigmentation.

How to make amla/gooseberry juice

It is so simple, just grab some fresh green gooseberries from market and clean wash them with running water. De seed the gooseberries and blend them together. Blend twice or thrice using water so that the gooseberry extract is completely obtained.

Strain the mixture, gooseberry/amla juice is done
How to consume amla/gooseberry juice?

To an empty stomach early morning both kids and adults consume 1/4th cup of fresh gooseberry juice.

It tastes to be too sour. It is beneficial to drink without adding any sweetening agent. If you are too nauseatic then add a spoonful of honey.

Some even make a combination of ginger and amla to reduce its sourness.

How to store amla /gooseberry juice?

You can refrigerate the homemade amla juice in an airtight container for 2 days.

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