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Tips To Dress Smiling Krishna

It’s a dream of every parent to watch their child dressed and decorated as naught pretty Krishna this festival. We happily wrap them with beautiful decorative jewels, traditional outfits and many more Krishna accessories. 

But is your child happy with it? Kids are unaware and within no time they pluck and pull all your work making a complete mess. And forget performing on stage shows, they are either crying, sleeping or eating when the countdown has really begun.

Tips To Dress Smiling Krishna

Here are few tips to make your child interesting and smile up while ready for Krishna fancy dress.

Plan for your child’s sound sleep.
Keep their tummy full.
Complete the wash room work before you dress up.
Do not use sharp, hard, and heavy accessories which disturbs your child.
DIY accessories are the best.
Do not use any artificial make up, lipsticks, eye liners and paints. They are highly sweaty and allergic to tender skin.
Come up with your own ideas for dressing up. Like instead of using sharp ear rings, you can stick a circular beaded bindi on both ears.
For arms and wrists, you can tie satin rakhi which does not prick the tender skin.
Provide some favorite food, like fill butter pot with ice cream while they perform at stage. You will find your Krishna performing good.
Leave your child amidst kids who have dressed similarly, they will enjoy the company.  

Ultimately make your child comfortable and happy so that they pose well and smile to your clicks.

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