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8 Interesting Teaching Methods for Kids

Learning should not be a mental harassment for your children which ends up nothing but hatred towards both subject and tutor. Make teaching a child’s play introducing innovative ways while presenting the knowledge instead of just reading an old copy of book. Children usually do not have the vocabulary to express so they always desire pictorial and model represented activities.

8 Interesting Teaching Methods for Kids

Here are 8 ways to make learning fun

Explore Nature:

Children love to explore and know new things from their surroundings. Regular outings provide them opportunities to identify animals and trees, facts about sunrise and sunset which creates an thirst towards knowledge.

Showing Pictures:

Present colorful pictures of study materials like good habits, good manners, domestic and wild life, food styles. It makes them easy to put into practice in their daily routine.

8 Interesting Teaching Methods for Kids

Color and Shapes:

Identification of colors is one more development and frequently questioned by children. Arrange colorful balls or cups playing a color game helping them to visualize different shades.

teaching colors to babies

Also, make some shapes from construction paper asking your child to color the shapes which even helps to recognize shapes.

Counting Activities:

Simply reading and writing of numbers does not gain any counting knowledge in a child. Roll some favorite material of your child like small cars, balls, marbles over the carpet and ask them to count the materials or remove some to teach counting of numbers.

8 Interesting Teaching Methods for Kids

Children enjoy playing such games and will never be aware of they are practicing counting skills.  
For addition- ask them to throw the dice and add up each number they observed.
For subtraction – ask them put back the messed things back to the place where the number getting decreased each time.

Craft Ideas:

8 Interesting Teaching Methods for Kids

Craft ideas are not just cutting of paper and plastics. You can teach a lot keeping the craft models. Make some craft models like trees and birds and make aware of planting trees, saving birds, stop cut down of trees and many more service based activities. Give your child some cutting, gluing and writing assignment on the craft models.

8 Interesting Teaching Methods for Kids

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Puzzle Activities:

Puzzle activities like joining animals, birds, vegetables, fruits, matching animals to young ones or their dwellings is an interesting game and a part of their environment science education.
Match sticks puzzles improve their shape recognition.

8 Interesting Teaching Methods for Kids

Taking to a Vendor:

Volunteer your child to talk to a vendor. Encourage them to collect things from market for example “can you please help me in searching carrots?”  These kind of involvement helps him recognize things, improves vocabulary skills and an awareness of the economic actions.

Physical Activities:

Physical activities should be mandatorily practiced by every growing child. Not just playing, you can even educate kids through outdoor activities.

8 Interesting Teaching Methods for Kids

Like planting small shrubs , while they enjoy playing with mud and clay they get to know the benefits of plants and trees.

Photo courtesy by
Ramya, Montessori Teacher
Pruthvi Montessori, Bangalore.

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