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Medicinal Benefits of Sweet Potato

When you are looking for a healthy food, do not forget to list out the sweet potatoes. The root vegetable is most nutritional, contains starch and tastes delicious.

Sweet potato differs in its color of skin and flesh depending on the region where it grows. The color ranges from cream, light orange, pink or purple. These soft creamy sweet potatoes are energy houses with numerous health benefits.

Medicinal Benefits of Sweet Potato

Health Benefits of Sweet Potato:

Cold and Flu:

There is a great reason behind why sweet potatoes are abundantly available in the monsoon climate and are too inexpensive. The concentrated amount of vitamin C and iron helps to drive away common cold, asthma, bronchitis and lung disorders.


The fibrous root vegetable helps curing constipation and promotes the working of digestive tract. Also, the roughage in the root maintain body water balance, reduces acid formation thus reducing the chances of stomach ulcers.


The rich source of vitamin A consumed as beta-carotene essential during pregnancy and lactation improves fertility level in women.

Improves Immunity:

Plant foods containing vitamin C boosts energy level and enhances generation of white and red platelets.


Beta carotene, an antioxidant in sweet potatoes is known to shield the cells from UV rays and repairs harmed cells curing various types of cancer.


The high levels of vitamin C, beta carotene, vitamin B, magnesium makes sweet potatoes to be anti-inflammatory curing the joint pains.

Sweet Potato Recipes

Boiled Sweet potato:

Boil sweet potato till soft in a deep vessel. Add salt while boiling. Peel off the skin of the boiled sweet potatoes once cooled.

Medicinal Benefits of Sweet Potato

This is the best healthy snack time food for kids.

Sweet potato Salad:

Boil sweet potatoes to soft. Peel and smash them once they gain room temperature.

To a bowl full of thick curd, add salt, chopped green chilies, smashed Sweet potato, seasoning of urad dal, curry leaves and mustard seeds with ghee/coconut oil.

This can be eaten along with rice.

Sweet potato Sambar/Rasam:


3 to 4 medium sweet potatoes
½ cup toor dal
Sambar powder
corriander leaves


Peel, chop and wash sweet potatoes to clean.

In a deep vessel boil sweet potatoes and toor dal till soft.

Once boiled, add tamarind juice, salt, sambar powder and chopped coriander leaves. Boil for 5 more minutes till they get blinded well.

Switch off the flame and season with curry leaves, mustard seeds and urad dal.

The recipe gets well with rice, dosa, idli and chapati.

Sweet Potato Stir fry:

In deep pan, heat oil and add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, chana dal, urad dal and curry leaves.

Fry them all till golden brown.

Now add peeled chopped sweet potatoes.

Pour water until the vegetable gets just immersed. Add turmeric, salt and chopped green chilies.

Once the sweet potatoes turn soft switch off the flame, add grated coconut and squeeze a full-sized lemon. Mix them well so that the spices get together.

Serve sweet potato stir fry with chapatti or dosa.

Why wait, grab some delicious nutritious sweet potatoes for your lunch hour.

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