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VLCC Enchanting Eyes Blue Kohl Review & Swatches

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When did you start with blue on your eyes? I am on and off with this shade. Somehow, I still cannot make my mind up with electric colors that pop and stand out when worn. 

I got pencil kohl from VLCC which is royal in color. The electric blue shade is one of its kinds. 

VLCC Blue Kohl Enchanting Eyes Review

Price: INR 245

The typical twist up pencil with a pressing cap make this kohl pencil an easy to use product. It has a blue sticker at the bottom end of the pencil to indicate the color of the pencil. The packaging makes it travel friendly and can be slipped into any of the pocket. It hardly takes any space, so you can insert it into your jeans pocket too.

VLCC Enchanting Eyes Blue Kohl Review

The texture is soft and smooth. It glides easily without any tugging. Though it feels super smooth while applying, it is tough enough not to break down while being used.

2-3 swipes will bring out a royal looking electric blue shade on the stroke. Blue kohl or blue eye makeup lovers will love this VLCC Kohl without any doubt.

VLCC Enchanting Eyes Kohl Blue

The shade holds tiny sparkling shimmers. Silver shimmers are infused into the color. The shimmers do not make the eyes look like a disco ball, but they surely make the entire look stand apart and feel special.

Staying power is pretty good. There is no need of reapplication at all. The color does not fade easily.

VLCC Enchanting Eyes review

Neutral eye makeup with deep black rimmed eyes is definitely cool, but if you think it is high time to change your staple eye look, then you can start off with this vibrant looking blue kohl, VLCC Enchanting Eyes Blue Kohl.

Recommendation: If you are looking for something blue for your eyes, then you should definitely try VLCC Blue Kohl. It is a good buy in terms of budget price, good quantity, smooth texture, easy blend-able formula, vibrant color, satisfactory staying power,  overall in almost all its features.

VLCC Enchanting Eyes Blue Swatches

Warning: If you are sensitive to any new products/cosmetics, then give a testing dose before you use any product completely. Confirm yourself that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the new product.

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