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VLCC Enchanting Eyes Black Kajal Review & Swatches

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Kajal becomes a part of your routine from the time we are new born babies.

Ours is a land where kajal has a very pure and top priority when it comes to beauty. With large circular kajal dot on forehead, cheeks, near the ear lobes or under the feet, babies begin their special relation with black kajal.

Then with growing age, kajal/kohl takes part in beautifying our eyes. Some aged women also use kajal to blacken their streaks of grey hair.

VLCC Enchanting Eyes Kajal Review

Thus, kajal/kohl has a never ending and never explainable role in our life.

Today, we review one of the best-selling popular Black Kohl in India, VLCC Enchanting Eyes Black Kohl.

Price: Rs.199

VLCC Enchanting Eyes Kajal

VLCC Enchanting Eyes Kajal package

How to use VLCC Black Kajal

VLCC Black Kajal ingredients

Package: Packed in a common twist-up plastic pencil, the kohl pencil is made travel friendly. The cap shuts tightly with a ‘cluck’ sound and never opens up itself. 

VLCC Enchanting Eyes Black Kajal

Texture: It is buttery smooth and glides amazingly on the eyelid. Though it feels butter like, it is not oily. 

It is great to apply a thick dark line on the upper lash line.

VLCC Enchanting Eyes Black Kajal pencil

If you want to try a smoky look, and then make sure that you are quick enough to do the blending, spreading and evening out the kohl. Once you swipe to and forth your upper lash line, tap with finger-tip and smooth out the line to make it smoky. 

It sets in few seconds soon after application thus making it free from smudging. 

To apply on water line, eye will need multiple short strokes to make it look intense and dark.

VLCC Enchanting Eyes Kajal swatches

Shade: The shade is Black which is heavily black, dark, deep and intense. The swatch will give you a better picture while the eyes will give a better idea of how beautiful they look with VLCC Black Kajal.

Staying power: How long does it stay put up is a top query when it comes to any beauty product. This kohl stays on as long as you want it. 

If you rub your eyes few hours after application, you will find the kajal disappearing at places and fading in its intensity, but never does it gets smudged all over.

best waterproof kajal India VLCC Kajal

If you go to bed with this kohl on, next morning you will find it a little faded here and there, but you can be assured that you won’t have a raccoon eyes. This means it does not smudge at all.

Removing is easy too. There are no traces of kajal after you wash your eyes with mild soap/face-wash and water.

Rating: 5/5

Recommendation: This non-transferring, non-smudging, long staying kohl pencil is definitely a product for recommendation and re-purchase.

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