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How Many Ganapati Pandals Did You See This Year

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Ganesh Chaturthi reflects with great grandeur in Mumbai. The majestic festival comes with immense devotion and madness not just in Mumbai, but across the entire nation.

The pandals installed at every public centre/place and every corner of the street is visited by many.

Ganapathi Pandals 2016

Every pandal is worth visiting as they display the beauty of creativity. People pay respect to their favourite elephant-headed god and form long queues for the Laddu or Modak Prasad.

The uniqueness in the pandal decoration adds to the charm and this festivity is seen in no other festival. Every small or big pandal is worth visiting and the meeting of Lord Ganesha at the pandals is a special experience.

Here are few of the pictures of Ganapathi Pandals we visited this year across the Temple Town of Udupi.

Ganapati Pandal 2016 Car Street Udupi

Ganapati Pandal Car Street Udupi 2016
Ganesh Chaturthi Pandal Krishna Temple Udupi

Ganesh Chaturthi Krishna Temple 2016

Ganesh Pandal Ambalapady Bypass Udupi 2016

Ganesh Pandal Ambalapady Bypass Udupi 2016

Ganeshotsava 2016 Amabalpady Udupi

Kadiyali Suvarna Ganeshotsava 2016

Kadiyali Ganapati Pandal  2016

Kadiyali Suvarna Ganesh Pandal  2016

Ganapati at Shirror Mutt 2016

Ganapati creative idols 2016

Ganapati idols 2016 Udupi

Ganesh Chaturthi Pandal Mysore

Ganesh Chaturthi Pandal at Mysore

How Many Ganapati Pandals did you visit at your place? Share how fierce was the celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi in your city.

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