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Venusia Cream from Dr. Reddy’s Labs - Face Cream for Dry Skin Review

Winter sets everything dry. The weather soaks up all the moisture and turns everything heavily parched, dry and dull.

Skin shows up the dryness almost immediately. The slathering of heavy creams and lotions becomes a common practice in the season for all day long.

Venusia Cream Dr. Reddy’s Labs

This season I discovered a face cream from Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories which claimed to moisturize heavy dry skin. Venusia cream with Squalene, Aloevera and Vitamin E Acetate as key ingredients looked promising immediately after I unscrewed the cream tub.

Dr.Reddys Venusia Face Cream Price

Price: Rs.273 for 75 g

The fragrance is mild and isn’t over powering.

The texture is rich and creamy. The texture is so soft that it can be easily spread across face and neck. Though it feels greasy while rubbing initially, it sinks into the skin without leaving any layer.

Venusia Face Cream Review

On absorbing the cream, skin becomes soft and supple and looks well hydrated. The calm and smoothed skin looks amazing while the climate is still rampantly dry.

Skin stays well moisturized throughout the day until late evening. Another round of application is needed before going to bed. If you have a regular night cream routine separately, then Venusia is good for day application. Just one application after bath will do the job for the entire day.

The wide mouthed tub pack of the cream is leak-free and perfectly travel-friendly. Since it is not too heavy or large in size, it can be easily slipped into the vanity bag. But one has to dip the fingers to pick up the cream. Repeated finger dipping can cause contamination. So, care has to be taken to keep the product clean.

Dr.Reddys Venusia Face Cream

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommendation: Highly recommended for dry skin during winter as the cream helps to keep the dryness at bay. 

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