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Imis Safrozan Natural Skin Care Cream Review & Benefits

Imis pharmaceutical is a well-known name. Safrozan Natural Skin Care from Imis is an excellent product that is used for treatment of pimples, blemishes, rashes, prickly heat boils and similar skin issues. 

Safrozan natural skin care cream

Price: Rs.50

The tiny tube is easy to carry in your bag and also use. A small amount of the cream is sufficient to apply on areas of skin problem.Thanks to the inclusion of camphor in its formula, the cream gives and instant cooling sensation.              

The medicinal composition is very effective on rashes and irritating skin. The rashes, blemishes and acnes subside in a day or two after applying. It also moisturizes the skin effectively.

Safrozan skin cream ingredients

The fragrance is excellent and lingers on for some time initially. Unlike most ayurvedic/herbal/medicinal formula products, this cream has a fragrance that is bound to become  user’s favourite on regular usage.

The rose, camphor, sandalwood, works well all together in spreading the fragrance.

The key ingredients listed on the pack are all skin friendly and helps to restore skin’s health and natural glow.

Safrozan skin care cream review

To use, wash face and neck with a mild regular face wash. Pat dry and apply Safrozan Natural Skin Care Cream all over or only affected skin areas and massage gently for the cream to seep in.
The texture is absolutely weight less. It feels as though nothing has been applied on the face.
Based on the personal experience, 

Safrozan Natural Skin Care Cream is a must buy beauty product that behaves as an all-purpose cream like Boro Plus.

Safrozan skin cream review

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