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9 Things to Do Before the Holiday Season Really Ends

Who said that the most wonderful time of the year has just gone by? The beginning of the New Year just got on with a bang!

And the holiday season just got a little extended. If that gift on your list has been remaining, then this is the right time to still scratch it off.

Retailers are still offering excellent deals and further reducing prices for shoppers to save big and take advantage of more discounts.

Before the holiday season ends for real, here are few things you should do with your loved ones. Doing these after Christmas and after New Year holiday will help you and your family beat the blues and get back to school/work.

Visit the illuminated places and chill without doing anything

The holiday lighting and decorations are still on. Just sitting amidst the light set-up will make you feel that you have been transferred to a wonderland.

christmas decorations toronto

holiday lights decorations in toronto

Sit there and chat to your heart’s content.

Avail discounts and buy now when the prices are reduced further

If you have missed buying a gift which you wanted to at the beginning of the season, then here is another chance for you. It is not late now at the end of the season. The prices have been further slashed.

The snow, hot chocolate and ice rinks

The temperature is still dipping and the snow is still here. The ice rinks for skating are set up. 

ice skate rinks toronto
An ice skate rink in Toronto

Go out in the evening for a stroll, buy a hot Chocolate and watch people on that specially set-up ice rinks.

Pick your favorite seasonal items

Floral plants for your gardener partner or friends, apparels for you, special offer makeup essentials for the ladies in your life, the seasonal items are still in stock.

seasonal flowers plants Christmas

Grab them if the stores are putting all these on stock-clearance sale. There is high possibility of you getting lucky here!

Plan your next year’s Christmas tree decoration

christmas tree ornaments discount sale

The year-end celebrations and holidays happen every year. The Christmas tree ornaments and home décor items can be stocked up right from this point of time.

The Body Shop Gift Boxes

Gifting is not seasonal. Gifts bring joy any time and all time. Pick more gift boxes when the stocks are available.

The Body Shop Gift Boxes

The Body Shop gift boxes look luxurious and the holiday exclusive offers and discounts are on for last few days.

Bath and Body Works All Season Gifts

Bath n Body Works holiday gift sets

Skin care routines are forever. The products from Bath and Body Works are popular for their fragrance and the moisturizing power they hold.

Stock up few gifts from Bath and Body Works. They will come handy throughout the year.

Visit all the special and unique Christmas trees again

The Christmas trees are still standing where they were installed. It is just that the crowd has gone home and there is enough space to roam around freely.

Enjoy the bright lights. Get clicked standing by the tall Christmas tree. The space is all yours.               

decorated christmas tree ornaments 2017

Hop from place to place and watch everything with all the time in your hand. No hurry! No noise! No hustle bustle!

Drive around to watch the neighborhood lights again before they are gone

The floating reindeer, colorful led lights, sparkling baubles, there is nothing more that signifies the arrival of holiday season.

christmas street lights 2017 michigan

When the festive lights are switched ON, it time to drive across the streets.

christmas street lights decorations 2017 michigan
Christmas street decorations Rochester Hills, Michigan

random building holiday light decoration
A random building holiday light decoration

These holiday activities do not cost you a bomb. It just makes your holiday a special one and the most memorable one. 

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